A Weekend in Review

The AA information on the left hand side is for Dasie, who’s sitting at 66 right now, and on the right, Stargrace who is at 100. I just wanted to see where the majority of their points came from. Dasie hit 50 before any aa were in game, so she never got an opportunity to do any of the lower level stuff for it. Stargrace on the other hand, was created when DoF and KoS were both already out. Dasie is the lowest of my characters as far as aa’s are concerned, I’ve rarely ever gotten a chance to play her, she’s never been needed. It gives me a goal at least though and something to do. Dasie is also a 70 jeweler, which is always nice. I’m going to make her a tinkerer since Stargrace already is one, who wouldn’t want two.

The guild leader left for a short vacation on Thursday after raids, Friday was a tentative raid to work on the arcanists signets quest line from Loping Plains. You know the set, that gives a VERY nice proc against vampires. I had horrible thunderstorms, so I actually had to leave part way through for a brief period, and didn’t want people to have to wait on me, so I was left behind. Understandable though, I’ll complete it another time. It’s really a very great proc to have on raids. It was a small group but we did manage to get our off tank the cloak that proc’s hate. Not that he needs much more hate, he’s a great off tank.

Saturday (again with no guild leader nor his wife which means no MT and no MT defiler.. and our MT templar is also on vacation..) we were scheduled to do LoA but were cautious about it, missing so many people. I was asked to play my inquisitor in the main tank group because the templar who typically raids with us is on vacation. Now. Dasie does not have masters of her heals, and she’s slightly under-geared, but that is only a portion of how well a player does. I parsed very well on the heals for the night, and aside from some difficulty from the eyeball in the zone who spawns tatter tots (we wiped x2 and got him on the 3rd) the zone was cake. Impressive since we had three groups and so many missing. I had a blast playing Dasie. I’m really hoping that I get to keep her as my main, I have to talk to the guild leader when they get back and see how viable that would be. I know everyone loves having a constant illusionist (or two, since we have two) around, but I am a healer at heart and I hope I proved that with my game play the past little while.

Tonight I’ve got a BBQ to head to so not much time for playing, an off night since it’s Sunday. Monday is an off night as well, though a courts run was planned too few people signed up. Tuesday I believe we’re doing labs and Chel’Drak again, but I could be wrong. We’ll see how it goes. In game it’s your typical Sunday, people complaining on various channels and all the rest. The Festival of Unity ended yesterday with a parade, but I didn’t get to go to it because of raids. I know there’s a balance between role play and raiding out there, but it sucks that I couldn’t go to the event. One of the main reasons why I enjoy the 3 raids a week that we host right now as opposed to joining the other guilds who were interested in me who all raid 7 days a week. Just because I’m on frequently doesn’t mean I want to spend all of it raiding.

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  1. Thunderwalker says:

    What miss Modest failed to tell you is that in those 3 groups we only had 4 healers. With 2 healers in the main group you have to be a very good healer. And I must say you are a great healer.

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