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Well, Cuppy asked for us to post pictures of our blogging areas, so this is mine. The coffee tins on the far right are actually filled with coins, I don’t have some obsession with nabob coffee, though maybe it’s more interesting if I do. On the top of my computer are some photographs, the one with the heart is of Shadowgeist (my fiance) and to the left of that a giant coin and some pictures of my friends kids. There’s a teddy bear my mom gave me up there too. Of course my beautiful monitor, G15 keyboard, mouse, and headset sitting on the keyboard tray. Lots of books scattered around and note pads since I spend a majority of my time writing. The cat normally hogs the whole left side panel there, but I managed to take the picture before she snuck her way on. My desk top is a screen shot that I took in game, nothing impressive.

2 Responses to Gaming Corner

  1. ogrebear says:

    Haha everyone has these nice keyboard… mine the 9.99 one i found some place when my good one died.

  2. Cuppycake says:

    Nice Stargrace!!!

    Thanks for sharing =)

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