Ranger Down

Qutey Patootie – a monk to be reckoned with

Yesterday I was undecided as to what to do. That’s one of the bad things about having so many alts, is there’s plenty that you could work on, but it’s hard to decide what you actually want to work on. I had heard about the Sword of Destiny line ending shortly, and I have yet to complete it on any on of my characters (the chapters that are out now) so I figured perhaps I’d work on that. I also wanted to get some Tunarian Wolvesbane and donate it to the guild, for when they eventually attempt Mayong in Mistmoore Inner Sanctum. I wanted to work on getting Dasie to 100aa, since she’s behind and could use them, and I also wanted to work on tome quests with <insert every character I have who has them here>.

Instead, I took a look at my ranger, who was 30% into level 49, and decided to level her to 50 the best way that I knew how for that level. Which of course is through discovery experience. You can get an entire level from 49-50 just through discovery in Sinking Sands, Clefs of Rujark, and Pillars of Flame. There is just that much discovery between the three zones. I also managed to get the Clefs lift access done at the same time, and killed off a few named that were up for aa. I don’t typically get a chance to play my ranger, or any of my “pure” dps classes in fact, because the utility or healer classes are needed far more often, but I like to think that I’m slowly learning how to play them. I pride myself on knowing how to actually play all of my classes. There is a lot of fantastic players out there who know their classes far better then I do and can pull off some amazing stuff with them as such, but I still like to think that I’m an ok player.

Anyhow, I ran her around, and got her level, and her level 50 skills, which I’ll of course need to upgrade. I also need to start working on her alchemy again a little bit. I love not having to purchase all my poisons and potions. She can’t make the T6 ones to use yet though until she levels a bit more. Poisons are a scouts bread and butter. Well, aside from bards at least who don’t get to use poisons. I also got my baby monk to level 22, which was just high enough to use the new crafted gear I made her. I’ve turned off her combat experience again and will continue to level her by doing quests. It’s a wonderful character to escape to and I am really enjoying being able to feign death if a fight gets too difficult. Of course it always seems to fail at just the right time when you have 100 mobs beating away on you, but it’s still fun none the less.

2 Responses to Ranger Down

  1. Kilanna says:

    Hrm If I remember correctly one of the aa lines is associated with dual wielding batons for the monk. However, by the look of it some of the aa lines are going to be changed with LU 36 :)

    Grats on Yamini’s ding of 50.

  2. wilhelm says:

    I chose the dual batons for my monk as well. They look really cool when a monk is swinging them around in combat, plus they make for non-stop LAPD jokes.

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