Dasie gets some pretties

Dasie’s newest pretty, a pair of shiny gloves from Chel’Drak

So after a little consideration, I requested to be able to play my inquisitor as my main for raids. We didn’t have one in the guild at all, where as we had another illusionist, and I’m a healer at heart lets face it. How anyone can have three level 70 healers (who have all betrayed, so I’ve played both sides of each class) and NOT like healing, is beyond me. Yesterday was my first real test, as we did Labs and Chel’Drak. I knew Chel’Drak was going to be harder this week, we were missing some key players, and Dasie’s resists are really low for poison. It meant that I had to park her at the back of the raid out of AoE range, and joust accordingly. Since I’m the one who calls the AoE’s (I love ACT and my G15 keyboard what can I say) it wasn’t that difficult. Though I noticed that by the end the timers were off by 10 seconds almost instead of their usual 5 seconds. I’ll have to look into that.

We wiped twice. Actually, we wiped three times but the first time some how had Chel’Drak on top of us as we zoned in. The mobs in the hallway were not spawned, so we have no idea how he managed to find us at the entrance to his lair, but smush us he did. He didn’t even summon us to the center of his room, he was just there on top of us in the water. In labs Dasie got herself a pair of new boots, and that combined with the gloves takes care of her two worse slots. Since I know I can use her as my main now, I also splurged and bought her 6 new masters, one heal and a few debuffs and nukes. It leaves me pretty broke, but hey it’s worth it. She is still missing one level 70 group direct heal, and her group buffs, the prices on those right now are out of my league, but for a character I’ve only had a few days after betrayal, she’s coming along nicely. There are things I need to work on with her of course (I made a list). She needs her music box quest completed. It’s an item that goes in charm and is far nicer then anything else I can obtain at the moment. She also needs to complete her +15 wis idol from the Fallen Dynasty expansion. I need to try to get the earring of the bloodlust handler from Valdoons (easier said then done when he never seems to want to drop it) and she needs to work on some resists with some potions on hand.

I also need to work on the Sword of Destiny with her. Claymore, and complete Godking. She’s on the final stages of Godking and no one wants to harvest eyes for access, so I’m doubtful that it will happen any time soon. She really could use a new weapon, so we’ll see how it goes. This morning I worked on my Tunare quests with Stargrace, since I am donating the wolvesbane to guild for future MMIS uses.

It’s damn hot and I’m feeling bleh, so this’ll be a short post. Time to go jump into the shower and try to cool off (again).

6 Responses to Dasie gets some pretties

  1. stargrace says:

    Well, that’s one small good thing about having so many “mains”, people growl and grumble if I leave or am not there at all, but I can play whatever is needed. Someone always is. Usually it’s my illusionist (I’ve turned down so many guild offers on that character…) but I’ve learned to be a LOT more picky in my guild choices, and it’s not all about who is taking down what. In fact, I’d say that’s one of the last things I consider in a guild.

  2. Tipa says:

    Grats on your lewts :) You get to change mains so often, I’m kinda envious! Whenever I mention playing my inquisitor or necro for a raid instead of the troubador, I get really nasty growls from everyone :P Oh well, it’s nice to be wanted!

  3. stargrace says:

    I was pretty sure ACT was supposed to compensate for that — or maybe it’s only with uhms.. that other one.. that evades my mind right now.. May have been from swipe but it was not an issue until the last 5 minutes of the fight, the first few were fine, the timer is always off by 5 seconds due to — or maybe my timer is just wrong.. either way, least we beat it.

  4. Dalthar says:

    CHeck to see if traumatic swipe caused it.

  5. stargrace says:

    The reason I go with the music box in one slot vs. the doll, is that she gets more power from it then the doll due to the curve in wis = power. If you’re already around 600-650 wis, you’ll get more power from having an item that is power then you will from an item that is wis. So the music box has 5 wis and 25 power, which gives me more benifits (it has other stats all 5 as well and 25 health) then just the stats from the doll.

  6. Kilanna says:

    Oh very nice.

    Kilanna LOVES the look of your pretties but she has your bloodlust earring :)

    I have one of the rare imbued Wis dolls but my other charm slot could do with something pretty – I must look into the music box quest.

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