Dasie does Deathtoll… and SoD

Hanging out in Tunaria, even the fire comes to life to talk to you

Alright, you’ll have to forgive my title for today, it was the first thing that came to mind, I’m sure it will be recognized. Anyhow, last night was Deathtoll. I’d never done DT on Dasie before ever, nor had I done it with The Inquisition (my guild going on.. three weeks now I think, I keep losing track). Plus it was my third raid as an inquisitor. I was a little worried about how her saves would be vs. cold and heat (those eyeballs are nasty) but she was in the MT group, and did just fine. Our typical templars all decided to go on vacation at the same time, so I was moved to MT group. Not a big deal, after all healing is healing, right? We had one wipe on Tarinax at the end which wasn’t really a wipe but someone had oodles of pets out calling oodles of adds on us as each one died (sighs) so we rez’d up and tried agian. Now, I always mention that each guild does things differently and Tarinax (and DT in general) is no exception. Everyone stands different places, pulls differently, some guilds mez the adds that spawn if someone dies, and some guilds (like I found out yesterday) just wack through the mobs and don’t bother mez’ing. They all work, just different ways of doing it, so of course I’m still in a process of learning the guilds quirks. I think I’ve done pretty much everything with them now raid-wise at least. I spend my evenings helping to level up some bards and warlocks along with the main tank, playing my healers typically. It’s good practice for me, to learn how much the tank can handle and where that “emergency” line is so to speak. To know how much they can handle before they’ll go down. I really do think it’s important to group up and learn how your guild members work.

Aside from the raid, I decided it was about time I did the Sword of Destiny quest chain with at least ONE of my characters. I picked the one I’m actually raiding on since the last chapter is going to involve a new raid zone in New Tunaria (Felwithe) and I’d like her to at least have a chance at completing it. Now, I’ve done the long chains of quests out there. Dasie has her Prismatic 1.0, Arysh has her Godking (Prismatic 2.0) and her Claymore (3.0 pretty much) and this quest was one of the most annoying quests I’ve ever had the pleasure of completing. Not because it’s difficult (though parts of it are) but because it requires a LOT of running around to a LOT of different zones. 47 or so zones in fact. I won’t get into too much of the lore behind the Soulfire (which is the sword) because I don’t want to ruin it for the junkies out there (chances are they’ve already completed this quest when it was first released a few months back) but be sure to read the text and books you get. Very well done. Of course, the main reason I completed it:

A wonderful statue house item, that give 300 rent reduction. Anything is worth having a new semi-rare house item added to my collection. Beside it is the spire replica from the live event a few months back. So, that’s one more quest under Dasie’s belt. There’s so many wonderful quests in this game and I really wish I had experienced more of them, though I’m hoping with time I’ll get a chance to. With RoK just a few months away now and the level cap raising to 80, now is the time to experience some of the older content before it becomes REALLY old. As I made my way through both the Qeynos and Freeport sewers, I didn’t run into a single soul. There are plenty of quests and mobs still in those zones, and yet they’re barely used. I miss stuff like that. I used to remember doing my quest to become a cleric at level 10, and needing those sewers and barely being able to find the mobs I needed because of the others in there doing the same quest. Ah the good ‘ol days.

As a side note, a huge thank you to both Dalthar and Shadowgeist, who helped me run around collecting the 50 statues. It was nice not to have to do all of unrest just for that one update, and Acada was a breeze. Kaladim didn’t like me or Dalthar very much, but at least we got a master out of the deal!

2 Responses to Dasie does Deathtoll… and SoD

  1. Gothun says:

    It’s good to see that you’re still playing Everquest. I just resuscribed today, and I’m going to start blogging again too. I have no idea where I’m going to play, or anything, but I’ll figure something out.

    But as for a comment about your post, Deathtoll is probably one of the scariest raid zones in the whole game, with the invisible eyeballs and the floating gnome and all the skeleton droags.. Nightmares. And I have to agree, some of the old content was pretty cool, though I hardly remember any of it.

    Well, have a nice day, and maybe we’ll have a chat sometime.

  2. Dalthar says:

    I still hurt from the queen

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