Girl who cried Nerf

Dasie in Darklight Woods, working on getting those aa points by mentoring

Everyone on every channel that I listen to lately has one subject on their mind, and that is the dreaded GU36 and 37. Why do I say dreaded? Well, the notes can be found here with all of the new changes listed. I personally like a good deal of them, but there has been huge out cries from raiders and casual players alike. Especially when it comes to agro, and reducing a few classes usefulness on a raid. People are screaming nerf every which way.

However, I don’t feel the same.

In preparation for any expansion the first thing that happens every single time, is a game wide “nerf”. There’s really no other choice though, it has to happen. Why? Because they’re adding another 10 levels, and in order for those next 10 levels to be on par with everything else, they’d either have to be super duper hard so hard that only the best of the best raiders could ever attempt anything at all — or — they down grade how we play now, and make us learn and adjust to the new changes. Come on now, this is not new, it happened with DoF it happened with KoS, and when it’s happening with RoK people should not act so surprised or hurt. It is going to affect everyone, it’s going to make raiders re-learn how to handle their agro, maybe switch up some of those MT groups. Scouts are going to have some learning time with their changes, summoners as well. So when everyone is screaming on the channels about all this stuff that’s going on, I just sit back and listen. It’s not going to be that bad, and if it is, it will get changed. That’s why it’s on the test server, to change and adjust. Until they go to live, and even when they do, it won’t break the game for me or make me not want to play any more. It will just be a period of re-learning my classes to work with the new changes. Finding my niche again. I can completely understand why people who have already spent time learning their class and how they work do not want to have to re-learn how to play, but MMO’s are dynamic and ever changing. It’s never going to stay exactly the way it starts.

I find it amusing the ruckus it’s caused. I’ll wait for it to go live, and adjust with the changes. I’m sure some people will get pissed off and leave like they did after GU13 (which went down in record books I am sure for creating disturbances, you may remember it as the great combat revamp) but the majority of people will stick it out and realize that the changes are needed and are not that bad at all.

Sides, there are a few things that I love coming out with this update. More crafted furniture for one. The ability to respec your tradeskill class as another. I have two jewelers and I’m looking forward to making one a carpenter or weapon smith instead (I have two because one used to be on another server and then I transferred them).

Another side note, I’m headed to Niagara Falls for a few days this week to get away from things, so no blog entries here. I hope everyone enjoys their week though and it’s filled with happy gaming, I’ll bring back lots of pictures.

3 Responses to Girl who cried Nerf

  1. Selaici says:

    Change is always fun. Stirs things up, breaths life back into the game. *crosses fingers that they accidentally make shadowknights even more uber than they are currently*

  2. Langdale says:

    Yup Yup…agree with you on this…I am worried/excited at the same time about the update. The worry mostly stems from my laziness to learn new things..same as everything though really..when I actually get in to it I will probably enjoy it. Just have to wait and see.

    Hope you have a fantastic time at Niagra Falls…(cue stereotypical view of location)you’re not going off the edge in a barrel are you? or mebbe tightroping…or mebbe it’s a stay in the Honeymoon suite with Superman :P

    Have Fun!!

  3. Kilanna says:

    I would like to think that I would always be thinking about how to play my class well even when I have more experience.

    Change is not always bad – it can revitalise the game. There are of course times that this change is very detrimental.

    Have a great time at Niagra Falls – I am envious cos I would LOVE to go to there one day :)

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