Getting to know you.. getting to know all aboouut you…

Earring that Dasie got on the HoS raid, she also *finally* got the earring to drop in Valdoons today

I’m in a mood today, not sure if it’s a good one or a bad one yet. A few RL things throwing me off, it’s been “one of those weeks” for the past few days. Things are getting on my nerves a little easier then they should, and I apologize for that if anyone’s had to incur my wrath lately. I try to keep it out of game because no one wants to listen to a whole lot of moaning and complaining. Well, maybe the moaning would be ok. . . Anyhow. . .

FINALLY after doing Valdoons pretty much every day for the past month, Dasie managed to get her Earrings of the Bloodlust Handler. So with that earring, combined with the one from last night’s HoS run, she’s set. Poets music box charm will be next on my list (no, it’s not difficult to get it done but I don’t like to just rush rush rush) and advancing Claymore. A thank you to Thunderwalker, who is one of the officers of my guild, for posting the pleasant comment about my healing capabilities. I think he’s lying though, I suck. *grins sweetly* Ok so I don’t suck but I do have a lot to learn still. I ask a million questions and I’m sure I pester people. How else am I going to learn though. Kilanna is always worried that she’s going to bother me when she asks me questions about playing her templar on Guk, but I am always eager to answer and to help out if I can. In fact I wish more people tried to actually communicate with one another in this game. Another pet peeve.

Thunderwalker and I (he plays a mystic) are typically teamed together when we’re raiding, and when we’re not teamed together, we’re still working together as a team raid wide. How is that possible? Easy. I’ve grouped with him a lot, made it a point to in fact. I’ve grouped with almost everyone I need to group with on a fairly steady basis, and those I don’t group with constantly I at least talk to. I’ve played with our main tank as both a healer and dps, I’ve played with our off tank, and even with our shadowknight who occasionally off tanks. I’ve grouped with most of our healers aside from a few who are part of an alliance with us. I’ve played in the mage group, the main tank group, and the dps group now as both a healer and as dps on my illusionist. Communication is SO dang important. Even outside of a group, I know who is going to cure who and what heal is going to land before it’s cast, depending on which healers we have around. I know how much the tank or the off tank can take before they’re going to drop like a sack of potatoes. When Thunderwalker casts his emergency wards, chances are I’ve cast mine at the same point of the fight as him because we both *know* that the main tank is going to go down if we don’t.

I wish every encounter worked that way. Of course that’s asking for the perfect raid force, which is something we strive for but rarely achieve, not “we” as in my current guild but “we” as raiders in general. Some times it’s hard not to get frustrated, I hate having to re-learn how to raid, it seems that every time I settle into a guild it falls apart and I have to go searching for not only a new home but a home with competent raiders who aren’t going to drive me insane as we re-learn how to work together as a team.

Ugh my writing and thoughts are all over the place tonight, so I’ll leave it at that and come back to this topic tomorrow. Nuff ‘o the ranting.

6 Responses to Getting to know you.. getting to know all aboouut you…

  1. Pvthudson says:

    Sounds like a great guild, I envy you!

  2. ThunderAB says:

    Have the right people with you. No matter how good you are or how independent, knowing that someone is there if you need a hand is a great feeling.

  3. Gothun says:

    Communication is the key thing to almost everything in Everquest, if you think about it. Running an instance, doing a raid, and even quests. Some things littler than others, but still important all the same.

    For raids, I think the easiest way for communication is to have a small raid force, that way everyone can get to know each other easier and faster. Though there are also bad things to this, for example if someone can’t make a raid, what are you to do?

  4. ThunderAB says:

    With your knowledge & help we will get there fast I am sure

  5. Kilanna says:

    … and grats again on Dasies pretties.

  6. Kilanna says:

    :) You are always kind with your advice- I want to take care not to abuse that privelage.

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