Oooohhh house items!!



A knights sconce, very pretty new house item added in the last LU

Servers went down this morning but I had a little time to play with the dressing room feature in game and create a few new house items. The one pictured above is one of my favorites I’ve got to admit. There are also some new plants, an actual wine rack, some pillars (for those of us that adore making gardens in our homes and what not) and some other odds and ends. A friend has let me use their carpenter, which I’m ecstatic about since I’ve never managed to level one of my own to 70. You’d figure with all of these alts and crafters I’d have done so by now.

A thank you to Shadowgeist for helping get my site back up and working. I didn’t actually think I’d burst into tears over losing 300 or so posts, but I did. I have back ups now, so if anything goes wrong again I’ll be better prepared.

Raids today… uhms. Not sure what we’re hitting actually. There are some key people missing, so I don’t think we’ll be doing Freethinkers, which is our typical Saturday raid (I think.. maybe we do that Thursdays.. my brain is a bit muddled). I’d love to see Dasie get some of her set gear but it seems a little out of reach for now. Nothing wrong with that, I’m still working her up. I want to get Misako some levels, I’ve got masters and gear stashed aside and I miss playing her, especially since now I’ve respec’d her aa line.

Sword of Destiny…… I had Kandrial (assassin from guild) read ahead a bit on the quest for me.. and decided that I am just not sure I want to do it. It requires a whole lot of named in Castle Mistmoore, and is also flagged as an epic quest. You have to go into the x4 area upstairs. Not looking forward to any of that. The +75 to heals would be *REALLY* nice, but it’s only got 20 more power then my current weapon, and 8 less wisdom. I’ve got a +40 to heals on the weapon to begin with, so I’d basically be doing all of this work for +35 to heals and 10 power. Of course it does lead to the fabled version, but I’ve got no hopes at all of accomplishing that for quite some time. Maybe when RoK comes out and I’ve (and the guild or whomever) got a few more levels to me. We’ll just have to see how it goes. With epics being released in RoK to begin with I’m wondering if there’s any point anyhow, seeing as I’ll have 10 more levels and possibly a new weapon to work on. Who knows, that’s a long ways away.

Gothun seems to be enjoying himself on AB which I’m glad to see. Kilanna and I have been chattering as always. An old friend of mine from Najena and Albrta (also from Najena) and I chattered yesterday, we have a channel in game so we can do the gossip thing from across servers. One of our friends has been away for quite some time, so it was really really nice to see her ducked in for a bit. I had missed her.

I like the changes to aa, for shaman at least. I love it for enchanters. Being able to weild something in Stargrace’ secondary hand will be nice. Not that I’ve filled the slot yet. I haven’t played her much. Dasie’ aa line are staying as they are, no reason to change really. I wish her EoF line gave her more in the lines of healing but I suppose they leave that to the templars. I boxed Stargrace and Dasie in DFC last night and got a few of the bloodstone ores, to make level 37 gear with. I was contemplating making a set for Ishbel (my 37 coercer) but she’s really just a bot that I drag around and get exp by chance with. I always liked the idea of having both a coercer and an illusionist.

Other then that things are fairly quiet in game which is how I like it. Hopefully I’ll get a little more accomplished this next week but I’m not holding my breath! With the site down the traffic has been slow and I’ll have to get some good posts in to make up for it.

3 Responses to Oooohhh house items!!

  1. Kilanna says:

    Glad to have your blog back too :)

  2. Thunderwalker says:

    New plants? Now that will be nice I love plants and the outdoors, and would love to bring that to my EQ life!

  3. Adele says:

    That is a pretty sweet scone!

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