Pet Peeve #1329034


Why is this person even asking me if I have a guild tag.. of course I do.. it shows up plainly..

I have a pet peeve, and since it’s on my mind and just happened about 10 minutes ago I figured I’d post about it. I have no objections to using peoples real character names in any of my posts, so as a warning to folks, if you say something to me I more then likely WILL post it. Anyhow.

I was sitting in EFP, before getting ready to go out and do some groceries. I get a tell from said person above. Asking me if I was guilded. I do a quick /who all dasie to ensure that my guild tag does show (and you can also look me up on to check for the tag). Seriously, if you’re going to try to recruit someone from another guild at least don’t start off your first impression to them as a moron by not even realizing whether or not they are actually in a guild. In order to see that I am an inquisitor at all they would have to know I was guilded.

Second of all, it would seem like common sense to me that if you’re looking for people to raid with you, you would want to know about the person first. Know what sort of a healer they are or any class for that matter. To insure that they’re not going to ruin your raids horribly. You don’t just go up to random people and say hey, do you want to raid with us. You get to know the person, the player. Find out their play styles. Well. I’ve never grouped outside of my guild and I don’t do pick up groups. I’ve never heard of this person before, never heard of the guild. I have no indication of anything about them. They were not rude, but still.. is it just me who thinks they’re doing things a bit backwards?

Now, the server may have a lack of inquisitors and perhaps that’s why they send me the random tell, but some how I doubt it. There are always plenty of folks around. I’m sure most people wouldn’t have an issue with this sort of tell, but as a raider, it just irked me.

3 Responses to Pet Peeve #1329034

  1. Selaici says:

    Talk about coincidences but I just had the same thing happen to me this evening to my Templar.
    I mean he’s only been in the guild which he co founded since December 2004…. Sure, he’d love to join another guild.

  2. Fred says:


    I am glad to see that you are back up and running!!!

  3. Thunderwalker says:

    Makes you kind of wonder how successful they can be in my opinion…. recruiting is one thing but sending out tells??? I wonder if they can even raid KoS…

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