Dasie’s 2-room house.. (for now)




What house is complete without a wonderful fire place…

The dining area, some apples, good ale, a few paintings

The bathing area… gotta have lots of flowers.. soft lights. Tunarian alter sorta fits..

From the front door, you can look up and spot Dasie’s loft, stairs leading upwards

A better view of the loft. It’s got a row of book shelves, and some comfortable seating

The house still needs a lot of work, it needs books and nick nacks to make it a home (every home is that way) but it’s a good start. There’s a small bedroom area with the bathing section, but I didn’t want to flood with screen shots. Plus I’m contemplating moving her into a 5 room home instead of the 2 room, so who knows. She’s already at 150 or so of her 200 house item limit, and two rooms is not quite enough for what I’d like. Idealy, I’d like each one of my characters to have their own homes with items particular to each one.. it looks like I may be able to do that. I love being able to access a carpenter when I need one, I’ve spent so much money on house items in the past. At least now it’s just the rare collectable stuff that I can buy and not the actual furniture items.. (if that makes sense) Misako needs a house yet, and perhaps Goudia and Yamini, I have not decided.

In game, last night raids were cancelled, I was not exactly heart broken over it. The MT and the MT defiler were having huge connection issues, going LD quite frequently. We were also missing a lot of our core players. For the loot we’d have been attempting to get (LoA or Halls) it would just not have been worth it. We would have had a shadowknight main tank (nothing at all wrong with that) and the guild is not used to that. They’d have to adjust on the spot for the different tanking methods each class uses and so I suggested we just call the raids and give everyone a night off to do as they wish. Which meant I worked on SoD. I finished the Kaladim portion and I’m now on the part where I need to kill a few named in the catacombs, and then after that I’ve got to kill a few named in the castle. . . Someone else want to do that stuff for me? LoL. I actually upgraded Dasie’s weapon yesterday and I’m not so certain if the SoD is an improvement. The fabled version of course will be, but the legendary will depend on whether or not they were flagged as ornate.

Today is Canada day, so I’m off for a few hours and then hiding in the house. I live in the capital of Canada (and no, that’s NOT Toronto.. Toronto is just the capital of Ontario) so there are going to be literally millions of people down town for the festivities. Fire works tonight that I’ll listen to since I don’t want to be in the crowds.

4 Responses to Dasie’s 2-room house.. (for now)

  1. Lysari says:

    I love love love the use of the chains as a railing and if I ever get bored enough to actually create the loft area I’ve been thinking about I’m going to have to steal that idea from you.

  2. Gothun says:

    That looks like a pretty big “two room” house. Are you sure you don’t have a scalable basement or something? o_O

  3. Thunderwalker says:

    And now you see why I cannot decorate… the chains are railings =)

  4. Thunderwalker says:

    You do a great job decorating… Can I hire you? Dasies’ loft seem to have alot fo chains …. loft or playroom for your Gnome?

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