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Dasie, standing at some very impressive doors

If you’ve been working on Sword of Destiny, you’re probably wondering when it’s ever going to end. The final quest sends you into a solo instance of the raid zone that was added with GU36, the Tunarian Throne. It’s not as scary when you’re in there alone. There’s beautiful gardens, gilded doorways, and a lot of discovery exp to be had if you’re short on those aa’s. You have to wander around the zone and talk to quite a few people in order to get your quest updates. I spent some extra time just marveling at how well the zone was done. It was beautiful.

Yesterday was a some what productive day. I managed to get Misako an aa, leaving her at 78, 5% away from 78. I also managed to get her to level 66, and half way through, another goal I’d hopped to accomplish. Tonight is labs and Chel’Drak, so I won’t have much playing time, and then after Chel I think we’re helping a few people level or something. We’ll be doing the same Wednesday night. I’m really enjoying the defiler, and I’m looking forward to wiggling her into some day-time raids (if possible) and getting to play her a bit. Her gear is not the greatest, but she has quite a few masters, and she may be wearing a lot of T6 stuff right now, but I’ve got stuff stashed away for her. I really do enjoy playing each of the healer classes in EQII, but if I had to put them in order based on what I’ve played it would probably look something like this (from most liked to least):

Defiler, Inquisitor, Warden, Templar, Fury – Mystic N/A because I have never played one past level 30 before.

Defilers have so much available to them. With their wards, their pets, their pet buffs, some debuffs, it makes them complex and interesting. Sort of like playing my enchanter in EQLive actually. I know it’s silly to relate the two classes, but good enchanters, REALLY good enchanters in EQLive, could pull off some amazing things. I feel almost the same in EQII when my healing is challenged to some degree. Inquisitor is much the same. Their heals are a little more boring, they have reactive heals vs. preventative wards, but they have verdict which is just fantastic, and a whole lot of debuffs (7 last I counted) as well as some spells that remove their own stuns (and a group cure elemental and arcane! … LoL). Wardens offer so much in the way of healing with their HoT’s, as well as their temporary spells. Templars have a little less excitement to them, but buff huge amounts of hp and mitigation, always a plus. Fury are more dps spec’d if I had to tag them as anything in particular. They have some very key life saving spells such as back into the fray, but since I’m not much of a dps’er at all (while I play a healer at least) they rank at the bottom.

All in all, this week is looking good. A little guild drama, but it seems to have cleared up for now.

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  1. Selaici says:

    I have a great sentimental attachment to my Templar but can only really play him while two boxing or I get a “bit” bored.
    I have a mystic as well but she’s (yes she) is only at 24 and was created solely to support my monk when I play him.

  2. ogrebear says:

    I have a mystic and a fury… i couldn’t level the mystic past 15, not sure if it atonica that suck or i just can’t do play a mystic

  3. Kilanna says:

    Woah – the Tunarian zone does indeed look gorgeous. I really must get there I have done no questing in there and must have a bunch of discovery aa to get in there.

    Interesting to see your preference for healing classes – but isn’t that just the coolest thing about this game. With 24 different classes to choose from we can all definitely find something we enjoy.

    I personally think Templars shine in a group but are incredibly frustrating to solo, However, I am absolutely loving running around on my baby Inquis girl – the additional dps is awesome :)

  4. Selaici says:

    You’ve talked me into it. A defiler will be the next alt I make ;-)

    And oh how I dream of weekday raids. That would be the evening for me and would give me far more opportunity to get involved in them :-)

  5. Kendricke says:

    Tis the season for Guild Drama.

    It’s mid-summer. Even without other factors, this typically means lessened activity (which leads to more complaints from members as a general rule).

    Add in the fact that this is the longest Everquest 2 has gone without a major release and you’re looking at some boredom as well – leading to some extra frustrations/burnout.

    Add in the fact that Echoes was a 1-70 expansion and only a portion of the content was designed for higher end players….

    Well, you get where I’m going with this. I’m glad the drama’s not major and was handled relatively quickly. I’m just not terribly surprised to see drama in many different guilds right about now.

  6. ThunderAB says:

    You make a wonderful defiler and the two classes are the most simular of all the healers. Group cures you might want to lookt at =)

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