Dasie gets a new pretty, and raids go smoothly

Yesterday was another one of those frantic quiet days.. if that makes any sense at all. First of all, happy 4th of July for those of you who are from the states. Canada celebrated on the 1st of course, fire works and what have you. Hope everyone who has the day off is enjoying it.

I moved (tried) Misako to Labs incase any spare gear ended up dropping that was just going to get transmuted. Because we work on a DKP system (which is good and bad) I am careful about what I bid on. If something is only a slight upgrade, I won’t bid on it if I know there is something better out there or something I want more. So when the fabled inquisitor hat dropped, I declined. Dasie is wearing her legendary class hat, and if I can manage to some how get 6/7 pieces to it, she’ll have 33% reduced spell cast timers, which is simply amazing for any healer (and specific to templar / inquis legendary class gear). Of course I really don’t have my hopes on it since I doubt I’ll ever manage to get them (I still need the Bp (unrest) the legs (cmm), the gloves (Kaladim ring event) and shoes (obelisk of blight). I could possibly manage all of them if I dedicated myself to it, but there is so much other stuff ongoing that it’s hard, and I spend a lot of my time helping out everyone else.

So we did labs, smooth run. Three groups, low on dps. It was alright though. Vyemm dropped a 2h hammer that I decided to pick up for Dasie. Self buffed she’s at 87 haste, 47 DPS with 100% melee crit chance, and 20% double attack. I’ve also started spec’ing her down the battle cleric EoF lines because there’s just nothing else that I’m interested in. She’s already got the +5% to her spells which is the only “heal” line she has, and she’s also got the EoF line that triggers verdict at the proper time so that she doesn’t have to do it by hand and try to time it. Basically what the battle cleric line does, is provide an alternative means for her to dps. Each one of her dps spells turn into a CA (combat art) and is used in melee range. They also have far shorter cast timers then the actual spells, and since she has 100% melee crit, they always crit. It’s nice. Now, I am not typically a dps’ing healer. Not on important raids at all. But when I am solo’ing, it’s very nice. Yaulp of course helps out a great deal too.

After Labs, we headed to Chel’Drak. I had my doubts, I must say. Pleasantly surprised when we killed him on the first pull, no deaths at all. Now if only he’d drop some of his nicer gear. We’ve seen the plate gloves three times now, the chain shoulders twice, and the sword twice. Some are aching for the dagger, he’s also got a nice ring, earring, and some amazing tank pants. Each time we down him he drops two fabled + a master. The co-ordination this time around was much nicer. We also had three bards, it made a difference. Of course the sort of class adds we have up also plays a roll, we had 1 warrior, 1 acolyte, the rest were mages and thieves. Much easier to burn those down. For the first time in quite some time Dasie was NOT out of power on this fight. In fact she was at about half power (yes, I did use my + power signet and root). She also used her miracle that gave 10% of the grp’s health back every 6 seconds for 1 minute. It made a total of 7% of her over all heals, which is a huge amount in a fight that lasts that long for a spell that only lasts a minute. I love Tunare. I think I’m lucky to have been able to betray her after she was already worshipping, because there really is no evil aligned deity that compares.

Tonight is an off night, I’m sure power leveling some alts / guildies will be in there. I hope tomorrow’s raids have the same sort of people signed up that we had today. Since I’m head of the healer classes now, I’ve been trying to make things easier on them, letting them know what we need for specific fights and what they need to be doing, if we’ve got to heal through the mob, what dot’s are going to be going off, and that sort of thing. Enjoying myself quite a bit, hope it keeps up. Would still love to see some solid progress, but it will come with time.

3 Responses to Dasie gets a new pretty, and raids go smoothly

  1. Kilanna says:

    Sounds like you are having an absolute hoot – very nice.

    Grats on lead healer too – sounds like you are settling into your guild family very nicely there.

  2. ogrebears says:

    On our first kill we got 2 of the Daggers it was almost my first time tanking a real raid mob.. was fun. I know a bunch of the other guild when we heard we got 2 of the dagger were really jealous as it feel rare to even get one.

  3. ThunderAB says:

    Without power regen Wonder who did that. Imagine how good you will do with power regen and the heal buffs =)

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