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A Friend donated the following very rare paintings to Arysh’ new home in South Qeynos

I will admit, this may seem foolish – but in EQII I have a some what lofty goal of providing each one of my characters with their own home. Not just some one-room inn though, we’re talking at least two rooms, typically three rooms, and for those I play frequently, five room homes. I’ve never bothered in the past because it was difficult enough to reduce the status on one home without actually owning a carpenter of my own. Now I find the carpenter portion is easy, since I have one at hand. It’s the nick nacks that will take time, much the way they do in a real house. It may seem silly, but it’s just one portion of the game that I enjoy quite a bit.


A friend of mine donated the pictures in game to Arysh’ new 3-room (under construction) home in South Qeynos. You can find them all listed here on the housing site I adore, under the category of “once sold by merchant” .. that’s right, each one of those paintings above is a very rare very collectable house item. I just about had a heart attack when I saw them being placed on my wall. Anyone who does any housing and decorating understands that these are not items to be treated lightly, they’re highly collectable. It is my goal to raise a little awareness about them, hence the article on them today.

On the eq2players forums, people talk quite frequently about bringing back some of the old furniture that used to be in game, changing items, adding new ones. all that stuff. However, I am a firm believer that there should be rare items that don’t exist any more. Items that were removed, changed, limited edition, that sort of stuff. There are quite a few “house obsessed” players in EQII (self proclaimed one right here) and these items make things even more worth while. I’ve talked about this before, the rare book shelf I bought for 2p that’s sitting in Stargrace’ home, as well as the baby dragon. The collectable Lucan D’Lere and Antonia Bayle statues, those items all have a huge amount of value placed on them (depending on server population).

On a completely unrelated topic, today is raid day. Think we’re going to attempt Freethinkers again after our monumental Chel’Drak raid on Tuesday. I still think we lack a lot of dps, and some classes are really not being used to their full potential, but we’re going to work at it (as always). I just hope people don’t get frustrated at all if we end up exactly where we always are with that zone. Though I get bothered by it some times myself as well I must admit.

I had a pleasant time talking to Selici last night, though I was half asleep and pretty much just went straight to bed and completely forgot about saying good night — oopsie. Hopefully they don’t think I’m completely rude. I’ve met a great number of bloggers (and readers) through my site, and I love talking to everyone. Kilanna and I are fairly good friends, even though we’ve never grouped before we chatter away and have plenty in common. Gothun is another pleseant blogger, he came over from his own server to AB and joined the guild I am in. I’ve also talked to Cuppy a time or two as I’ve caught her on AB, running around on her Goth Moth (my name for the new race that came out not too long ago, lets not get into the particulars about how they’re not goth etc etc it’s just a term!). Cordanim has been very busy and has not been around, but he promises me he’ll be back in game before too long. A new house and a new officer at work tends to keep folks away, understandable. I’ve even spoken to Ogrebear before on Kithicor, as I hung out at the broker one time. It was just a brief visit since I really didn’t care for the server, but it was nice none the less. Lets not also forget Delbert, and Fred, who each have characters on AB (though Fred also plays on the PvP servers). Now that I think about it, I’ve talked to pretty much everyone linked off of my blog aside from a few. What can I say, I love this community.

* edit * I got to the end of the post and then realized that I had added manastone to the title… I completed it on Goudia and Misako (healer, so she needed it badly) and completely forgot to actually write about it.. oh wells! Another time..

3 Responses to Rare house items, manastone, and other ramblings

  1. pvthudson says:

    I am working on the Shiny Brass Halberd HQ, and being a monk cant use it, so i cant wait to mount that thing over my shelf!

  2. Selaici says:

    Heh, I just thought I’d see if you were out there ;-)
    It was just after 4pm for me. I’m guessing it was around midnight for you?

  3. ThunderAB says:

    Glad to see that someone appreciates items that no longer exist.. Glad to hear that someone appreciates rare items.

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