Goudia (and everyone else) gets a work out


This little troubador couldn’t be more happy with her new gear and levels

A friend is working up (power leveling) their warlock in order to have them raid-ready as soon as possible, so for the past few days I’ve been helping them out on various characters. It was suggested that since they were already working up the warlock, why don’t I try to level up another one of my characters with them. Since Misako is already 69 with no real push to get to 70 since I’m not raiding with her, I decided that it was not a bad idea. But who would I level? I have a 53 conjuror who’s just sitting there, a 52 ranger, and at the time, a 50 troubador. I love my baby bard, I really do. I’ve betrayed her back and forth between troub and dirge for some time now, having completed the betrayal quest approx. 6 times with that character alone and never managing to settle. The first time I did it, it was actually for the books, so that I could buy the vendor sold one from either Qeynos or Freeport to add to my collection. Yesterday was a great day for the troub, as she not only hit level 51, but also 52, and then 53. She finally got to wear that pretty cobalt armor that I’d had stashed away for quite some time now. She visited instances she’d only dreamt about, and all in all, did very well. Of course it helped to have the 55 warlock and 70 zerker as well as my 70 fury all mentoring her *grins*.

As she was nearing the last 4% of her level, some guildies asked if the zerker and myself (as Dasie) would not mind helping them out in Nizara. Apparently their group had lost two healers as well as their main tank in frustration over the zone. I was a little bit leery, wasn’t exactly in the mood for the zone, you have to really know what you’re doing or you’ll be there for quite some time. They’d cleared to the third named or so, and off we went. Dasie was actually on the part of the Four Winds ring quest that needs Nizara, so I of course had some hidden motivation.

Two hours later, and the final mob fell. Yes, we died. In fact we died a lot, but it was still not bad and we still stuck it out and accomplished our goal. So now Dasie just needs Chel’Drak (which we’ve been downing without too many issues for some time now) and she’ll have her ring of the four winds that gives a 5% reduced cast time. Essential for any mage or priest. The ring (as well as the one before it) is also an upgrade in general, and free upgrades where I don’t have to spend dkp are always a good thing.

Misako also received a new baby dragon for her home yesterday, a huge thank you on that. With all the furniture updates incoming I’m taking my time working on her house and I will update as I go along. Especially with all of the wonderful plants and status items that I want to add to it.

Guild leader actually talked to me a bit yesterday which was nice after four days of pretty much silence. Not on the warmest of terms, but it’s a start, right? Still looking forward to Kilanna coming back so I can ramble about my adventures.

4 Responses to Goudia (and everyone else) gets a work out

  1. stargrace says:

    I have xegonite, the stats are really icky and I think I’ll just stick with the 52 until I replace it with something like relic or quested stuff, it’s worse then the cobalt.

  2. ogrebear says:

    ahhh i remember that arrmor on my rat… about 2 or 3 weeks ago i out level it and got the tier 7 one which i like much better than that one

  3. ThunderAB says:

    Another lvl 70 wow =) Think you are addicted to the game. Glad you are enjoying it enough to stay on alot =) Grats on your ring ( pregrats ) Nizara is a VERY tough zone, and finishing it is not easy.

  4. Gothun says:

    You did too much last night, and now the server’s broken. =(

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