Ring of the Four Winds, and some days I just hate people..


A vision into the future rewards this very pretty ring after you kill Chel’Drak, now Dasie, Stargrace, and Arysh each have theirs

Dasie was so far behind her Mystic Lake quests at the beginning of this week, I had really thought she’d be getting her ring next week. However, karma is nice some days and she ended up getting it last night. I managed to catch her up (with some help) to the Nizara portion of the quest. Then a group of guildies were doing it and two of them logged off early, they happened to be the main tank and the defiler, their templar also left. So as I mentioned in a previous post, me and a few other guildies took their spot and completed the zone. There were quite a few of us who needed the updates. Since Chel’Drak was cancelled on Tuesday due to quite a few essential people missing, we scheduled it for last night.

We did a portion of Deathtoll first, granted some folks were unhappy that we also skipped two of the named, the splitting globule one as well as cruor. We did it to save time I suppose, though I can understand their frustration. Especially since it took us 4 (real) pulls to down Chel’Drak. Disappointing after we got him down the first pull the week before. I don’t understand the lack of consistency. People should be doing the exact same things every time we raid, or so you’d think. The first wipe was not exactly anyone’s fault. for some reason again when we zoned in we found Chel’Drak on top of us, none of the trash spawned in the long hallway, and just happily died. The next few wipes were just silly really. The main tank was dropping far more then he should have been. People not paying attention. I burned through my power roots (I LOVE those house plants that give roots.. having 6 roots that give you between 10% and 22% power back with a very small re-cast timer is amazing) and knew there’d be no way we could down him if some groups had no power regen. So we added some to the raid, switched groups around, and finally had a flawless pull (and kill). There’s still a lot of drama and issues going on in the guild which I know is quite common for any guild, but I really hope they dissipate some time soon. It makes for a very uncomfortable playing situation, for a simple game that we all pay to play.

So Dasie has her pretty ring, the 3rd character I’ve taken through that quest line. Next she’ll need to work on her Claymore. Since she already has MoA, and SoD, I’m not planning on doing Godking with her — though she does have the quest and is almost finished it, so we’ll see how that goes. If I can get claymore and DT access done for her I’ll be happy. I’d like them done before RoK comes out, if I pushed claymore I know I could complete it in the next two weeks, but I doubt I’ll be pushing for it. I’m finally getting her geared up to where I’d like her to be. She needs two bracelet upgrades (hence why I’d really like to get DT access done on her) and then most of her gear will be at least fairly nice. She could also stand a new breastplate as well, hers is not horrible, but it’s not the best.

Today it’s nice and wet and raining out. I’m contemplating just quietly crafting. Goudia is going to buy a new home in Neriak, so then I’ll own a 5-room in Qeynos, Freeport, and Neriak. The rent is actually not that bad at all, since I can work the status on the other homes down to 0 easily enough, and the homes are about 20g each in rent (the Qeynos and Freeport ones at least) the Neriak one is barely even 7g if I remember correctly. Addicted? Sure why not. Need to have some place to put all those L&L trophies and HQ’s.

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  1. Thunderwalker says:

    I do know of a few that also need those quests and would be glad to lend a hand whenever you needed. If you can get that ring the rest is pretty easy. With your class armor on Dasie you will be able to cast really fast heals =)

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