And another one bites the dust.. (Ding, Misako 70)


Misako, the defiler (who is going to betray back to mystic..) hit level 70 finally

I started Misako quite some time ago, and those who knew me well asked me every day when I was going to delete her because I’d never stick it out with a shaman of any sort. I’d deleted them religiously time and time again once they reached the 30th level. There was just something about only being able to prevent damage at the lower levels that made them a little more difficult to level. Today in Obelisk of Blight she finally hit 70, and I’m happy and proud of it. After some contemplation – I’ve decided to betray her back to a mystic.

Who didn’t see that one coming eh. I betray so many times. She’s got a few masters but not enough for me to be concerned about, and she’s not in any raids currently, and with RoK a hop skip and jump away, I’m not worried about any she just HAS to have. I have not really played a mystic, aside from a quick peek at one guildie. I like the idea of bolster, and of oberone, they also have two more heal-type spells / constant regenerating wards. They’re pretty much like templars / wardens in the fact that they get one or two more heals then their counter parts (templars get glory of battle or whatever it’s called, and wardens get spores). I am also still going to betray my conjuror back to a necromancer one of these days. So many things to do.

People ask me all the time, which characters would I like to play. It is actually quite a hassle for me. I have never specified a preference. I now have 4 level 70 characters, 3 level 50+ characters, and quite a few smaller alts. Yes, I realize this means I have no life or I play too much (it’s actually just a whole lot of free time that I use in game instead of watching tv or what have you). Anyhow, I think people would be surprised if I actually listed in order the characters I have that I enjoy, and the order I find them in. So what is that order?


I do have a few more alts. They can be placed in there some where. It’s a shame that out of them all, the fury is the best geared, but the one I like to play least. I’ve always longed to play a pure dps class. Why? Well, aside from thinking I’d be fairly good at it, I have always played something that requires a lot of responsibility to a raid. Healer, or support like an enchanter. I’d like to not do that a time or two. Weird eh? Well, maybe not so weird. I’ve never even played a necromancer to end game before but I’ve seen some very good ones (I’ve also seen some pretty crappy ones). Bards are just so interesting to me, as are shaman in general. I’d like a wizard or a warlock for another class, and a warden. Other then that I’m pretty content with what I have. I do have my 24 monk, a 37 coercer who I’ll level one day, a 6 swashbuckler, I even have a level 7 zereker not that I’ll ever play her.

HoS tonight, then two days of raid-free bliss. I imagine I’ll be helping a warlock in guild, and maybe working on Misako’s betrayal, and maybe my necromancer. We’ll just see how it goes!

4 Responses to And another one bites the dust.. (Ding, Misako 70)

  1. Kilanna says:

    Cool – grats on 70 for Misako :)

    Hehe I do bemoan the lack of dps of a Templar sometimes, but I am completely addicted to those big heals she has :)

    The main thing I guess is that you have fun playing your chosen class.

  2. Selaici says:

    I like playing my Shadowknight the best. I constantly fire up alts for a change of pace but it’s always the SK I head back to ;-)

  3. ThunderAB says:

    Pffft so you like DPS huh? =) Will have to see if I can help you work on that. I do happen to know of a lvl 70 raid geared Swaash that you could try out on occasion if you want…. but if you like DPS be warned ahead of time =)

  4. ogrebears says:

    W00t grats. I’m close to getting my first alt ever in any game to the max level.. i’m excited

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