I love shaman and clerics


Dasie’s spell cast is 106% so she casts over 100% faster then she would typically cast. Now that rocks.

Saturday raids are typically a mish mash of our “regular” raiders and a few others who can only make weekend raids. So we ease up and this weekend was no different, we decided to do LoA and HoS (that’s Lyceum and Halls for those who are unfamiliar with the acronyms). I’m typically in the melee / off tank group due to my dps buffs + dirge dps buffs + necromancer who can life burn a whole lot easier with two healers keeping him up. My partner in crime used to be Thunderwalker, who played a mystic, but is now Sahvek, who’s a defiler. Both are great healers and I trust them completely on our raids. Shaman have a spell called alacrity (single target) that stacks with my divine retribution, and as you can see from the image on the post, it’s dang nice. Having a 106% spell cast for 30 seconds on an inquisitor is amazing. I typically hit DR when the necromancer is about to life burn, so that me and Sahvek can keep him up easier. I also have my hp buff on him so that he has more hp to burn away. Dasie may not be the most “uber” inquisitor out there, but she’s still a lot of fun to play, especially when I have great people in her company.

The raids were wonderful. I wish, really really really wish, that they were consistent. That’s about my only qualm. We died twice between the two zones, once due to a weird fear issue that pulled some named from a few rooms over some how, and once to Venekor who decided it would be cute if he punted our main tank directly into the statues that surround his room, instead of into the back corner with us like he typically does (or she? I have no idea, I try not to look that close to dragon parts).

Dasie got a new wrist piece, which means I really just want one more upgrade for her (other wrist) and I’m hoping maybe I just get DT access for that. Aside from Claymore, and the fabled version of her hammer, I have nothing else that I want, well, maybe a new breast piece. Nothing besides that though. I REALLY want to try to farm her set gear, having 6 out of the 7 pieces will warrent her another 33% spell cast that’s static. With her 14% from aa, as well as 5% reduction from her chel’drak ring, she’s pretty dang set. I know she’s not all uber, but considering I hadn’t played this character in a very long time and I’ve been trying to get her caught up for a bit now, she’s done very very well.

Kilanna is back! I’m so excited about that. I have missed her oodles, it’s funny how used to talking to someone you can get even if it’s just on line. She is the voice of sanity in the early mornings when I’m ranting away about something. Gothun was promoted to member in The Inquisition, always nice to see. Other then that, things are going the same as always. Deciding which alt I should work up next. I need to find myself a whole lot of rough pearls too before I can start betraying the defiler.

3 Responses to I love shaman and clerics

  1. stargrace says:

    The 109% is her all the time, she has aa in it for 100% chance to melee crit. Self buffed she can hit 100% dps and haste, when I move my gear around, 20% double attack with yaulp on and fanaticism going… it’s nice. Too bad I use her as a healer and not a battle cleric *grins*

  2. Gothun says:

    My dirge buffs are better. >.>

  3. ogrebears says:

    109% melee crit chance… damn i want that on my assassin

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