The betrayal game, and when will the drama stop


Dasie is quite dead. The first pull punted our tank the wrong way. The 2nd pull was flawless

I have been feeling restless in game again as of late, and anyone who knows me that it’s typically not a good thing but that it does blow over before too long. I’m not sure what it is. I tried to focus and work on a few goals that I had set for myself to no avail. Maybe it’s the time of the year or maybe I need to go find some trees. In any case. I spent 5 hours working on L&L with Dasie last night. Brownies were not nice to me. I had killed 0 when I started and had 500+ by the time I managed to find the last dropped piece, a pancreas. I found multiples of every other part — except — that one and I refused to pay the 42g the broker was asking for it. Another pretty house item to add to her walls, and more books to add to the shelves.

Yesterday I also decided to betray my conjuror back to a necromancer. I’m happy with the choice. I originally went conjuror for CoTH (call of the hero) but I had not used it except to port people to MMIS when they wanted the gear that dropped and didn’t want to let it rot. I’d much rather have a feign death, and a rez, plus Faydai had some pretty spooky rp going on when I played her (she talks to her pets and considers them her children, crazy gnome). The betrayal itself took a few hours as always, but again well worth it to me. She’s 53, so she did not have any important spells.

Next I’ll be betraying the defiler over to a mystic. I have 3 rough pearls and 16 moonstones thus far saved up to accomplish this. I need a handful of pearls still and then I think I’ll be set. I am not certain yet if I want to wait until I have them all before doing it, or just do it today and have it out of the way. It’s not a raid day (thank goodness) so I’ve got plenty of time to do whatever it is I want to do. Lader is back from Costa Rica, and I’m glad to have him around, a voice of reason and a great friend. I’m still contemplating guild issues. They don’t seem to go away and everyone promise change that never happens. One person (and the biggest voice) has already admitted defeat and is no longer going to fight on any issues because they just can’t do it any more, which sort of sucks but is understandable at the same time. I’m not sure if maybe this is just my cue to go find another guild who is accomplishing the goals I was aiming towards in November, or give this guild more time. RoK is going to come out and we’ll still be doing KoS is my honest opinion on the matter, because they refuse (they as in leadership) to listen to the advice of others. The way the positions on raids go, you do not EARN your spot to be in the main tank group, they just put their favorites there (wives, and close friends). Which is a shame. If they did what was best for the guild we may actually progress some what, and those people can still be in the raid but there are others who have proved they are worthy of the positions much more. People who know what they’re doing and can handle emergencies.

Which is my biggest gripe. I parse the heals and keep them to myself typically unless some one asks for them. Parses looked like they were improving — zone wide. However. If you looked at any battle that there was a named involved, or any battle where we had an add, or some other sort of emergency. Those people (minus one warden) in the main tank group seemed to freeze, and did not know what to do any more. The people in the other three groups had to compensate for them being unable to handle the change in tanks. It sucks. We need MT healers who can keep their tank up during the roughest of moments, who can anticipate him dropping to half health, who know when to use their emergency spells and anti-deaths and all the rest. Who can pull out all the stops. Alas, I’m rambling again. I know the issue will probably not get better. Perhaps it is time for me to look at something else guild wise, if I am so intent on being able to see some progress. Which is a shame, because I love the atmosphere of this guild, well, when the MT isn’t completely ignoring me because his wife is around and we don’t exactly get along….. *sighs*

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  1. Kilanna says:

    If there is anything that can kill the fun of a game – I would suggest that guild drama would be it. Hope it blows over soon.

    Oh I can’t wait to meet Faydai – she sounds way cool. I dont think there is anything spooky at all about talking to her pets I do it all the time :)

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