Misako goes Mystic.. why did I wait so long?!


Misako is so far behind on everything.. including the Mystic Lake chains

So finally yesterday I bought enough pearls and moonstone to attempt to betray Misako back to a mystic. Now that I’ve done it, I wonder why I did not do it a long time ago. I love mystics. Defilers are great if you’re into some dps and a lot of debuffing, and soul ward is wonderful — but I really do love my mystic. Bolster is just plain fun, and their wards and heals (though they are pretty much the same) are just.. so.. fun. Then there’s also their temporary pet (a ghost bear that follows you when you move! Not stationary which is great..) They also buff different stats com paired to the defiler, so I’ve switched my girl over to carrying boxes (32 slot of course) instead of the bags she had. Much more room. I did some lowbie mentoring and managed to get my necromancer to level 54, playing with Geabrial (Gerbil) who is pretty close to 57. It was a good learning experience for me.

Hopefully I’ll be wiggling Misako into some raids in the future, she’s got no fabled at all but she’s sitting at 6.6k power self buffed (or there abouts) which is really nice. Her resists are not too bad either for being self buffed. She’s got 7 master spells (more then she had when she was a defiler) and the rest are all adept3. A very huge thank you to Thunderwalker for helping me out with it. The support I get from my guild mates is amazing at times. Yes, I know, what a change from my post yesterday, eh? Well, I’m a woman what can I say, I’m moody and temperamental. I know I know, bad excuse, oh well.

So. Dasie and Misako and Stargrace are all at different points of Claymore, Misako needs to get SoD under her belt some day. There’s some key quests she’s missing that I’d like to get eventually, and help Gerbil level up to 70. Lots to work on before RoK comes out in November. I’m still wondering which two characters I will take to 80 first. Ideally, I’d like it to be Misako and one of my dps / utility classes depending on who I happen to be in love with at the time. I can box two of my characters up at the same time at least.

Lader has been working on the SoD, and he’s at the CMM portion now. I wished him luck with it. Kandrial joined JoTo, and Shadowgeist applied, but is doubtful he’ll get in as recruitment is closed and he plays a shadowknight which is never well received even if he is the best I’ve ever seen before. I wish Kandrial the best and I really hope he’s happy there. Everyone pays to play this game, and it is just that, a game. So if someone is not happy, I would hope that they’d do whatever it took to make themselves happy, or else why bother playing at all.

My thoughts and prayers are with Kilanna this week as well, it’s really nice to have her back and chattering in the mornings and evenings. Some of my closest (actually… all of my closest) friensd are online, and I don’t think they’re any less of friends based on the location that they reside in.

2 Responses to Misako goes Mystic.. why did I wait so long?!

  1. Kilanna says:

    Thanks for your kind thoughts, I appreciate it very much – sometimes the real world throws you some challenges eh!

    My tank friend in guild absolutely loves the mystic spell bolster too – he loves those extra hitpoints he gets :)

    It sounds to me like you are enjoying Misako a bunch at the moment, and from an RP perspective I am glad she will be reunited with Stargrace back in Qeynos.

  2. Selaici says:

    Shadowknights will have their day!!!

    Funny you should mention the Fallen Dynasty, I’ve just taken my Templar across to do some hunting there…

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