Feeling Cool..


Anyone remember Snow Form? It’s the item from Frostfell that lets you turn into a delightful snowperson

Dasie was looking for ways to cool off this summer in Freeport, so I have her running around in true snow woman form. As long as the snow is not yellow, it’s all good. Last night was Labs, went just fine. Misako managed to get a (very small) upgrade, some relic chain gloves. She was wearing leather ones, so even though it only gave her one more power, the mitigation boost was nice. They would have just rotted anyhow. Misako is now sitting at 6.9k self buffed power, which I love. She’s got 600 more then Dasie, who is pretty well geared and adorned.

Last night I decided to remove all of my alts from The Inquisition, and put them in a smaller / crafter orientated guild with a friend. Number one it gives me something to level up since Inquisition is level 60 and has been for quite some time, and number two, it gives me bank spaces to oohh and ahh over. Anyone who’s ever had their own guild before knows how exciting it can be to be able to have it all to yourself and not crammed full of useless crap. It’s nice to have a place to store common rares between characters, as well as L&L pieces, and adornment pieces. Now the guild just needs a few levels to get past the very minimal bank space it has currently.

SoE also was praised from one end of the server (Antonia Bayle, for those who have no idea what server I’m on) as they implemented a spam filter. I LOVE this feature, I must admit. I have gotten NO spam tells at all since they’ve added it. I have them filtered off to my combat chat window, just incase it happens to read something as spam that is not spam. It basically sets the channel as a link, any you have to click “view” if you actually want to read the spam link. Everyone of course was being stupid about it though and testing out exactly what you have to say / do in order to get added to this “spam” channel. So I no longer have to have my characters flagged as /role or /anon in order to prevent the mass tells from flying through. Yes, I love it. I have to admit that SoE has been doing some pretty amazing things in game lately. I have heard no one speaking ill of it compared to what used to be said out there. I have no idea if their player base is growing at all, but I would assume that it is. I know my server at least is very well populated, though that could be because it’s a role play preferred server, and the other one (Lucan D’Lere, which I of course moved from) is quite under populated. There is rumor that when RoK comes out a few servers will merge — and that new servers will open up, much like WoW does every few months. This entices new players to try out the game on a server that is not already inflated as far as the economy goes. They’d probably prevent anyone from transferring to the new server until things were stable and some time had passed, so as to not give players an advantage over the newer population. Personally, I think this method works great, though I will not be starting over on a new server any time soon that’s for sure. I have invested countless hours in the characters I already have.

Speaking of which, I made a new warden last night. I don’t imagine I’ll be playing her any time soon, but I did not want to betray my fury back to a warden, so this solution is far easier. She’s an iksar, though that may change, we’ll have to see.

Tonight in guild is apparently “training” for raids, which I think is sort of silly and sort of needed. I wish it were on a day we had raids, because Wednesday is like my “day off” from that sort of thing, but we’ll just see how it goes. The parses (healer at least) looked amazing last night. I want them to look that way every single night. It was main tank defiler on top (as it should be) off tank defiler (expected, since they use wards), main tank warden, main tank templar, off tank inquisitor, mage group templar, and fury in the 4th group. I don’t care what order things are in but certain groups and certain classes are ahead of others (typically). Of course gear plays some roll and how well the healer plays is a huge portion, but again, the heal parse last night… I want to see that every time we raid.

3 Responses to Feeling Cool..

  1. Ogrebears says:

    Bla i missed that winter events becasue of real life stuff… i still see the snow man every once and a while

  2. ThunderAB says:

    Snow form illusion? Nice too bad they are so expensive to buy =p

  3. Selaici says:

    Heh, if they merge Lucan and Antonia I can come say hi in person :-P

    I’m still getting my head around how to use the parser. There’s probably some instructions for it somewhere… maybe I should read those… *wanders off to google*

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