One of those days..

I was attempting to write some rp note about how Misako went back to Mystic and ended up back in Qeynos with her twin sister Stargrace, but for some reason today the words just don’t seem to want to flow. So a post for a later day perhaps. The servers are down for two hours, which means I have plenty of time to get the daily house chores completed, though it would be easier if the cat wasn’t always under foot. . . and of course I completely forgot what I was going to write about.

Not much happened yesterday. I helped move things into the new guild bank, which of course was always fun. I love having a new little baby guild again and I don’t mind being removed from the raid guild since they’ve been getting on my nerves from time to time. Not their fault, it’s just that moody time for me or what ever. Spent a lot of time talking to Gothun lately, hopefully he takes what I say with a grain of salt. Talking to Kilanna a lot as well. Tonight there are raids, not sure what the target is yet so I can’t really write about it. I’m hoping today I’ll be working on HQ most of the day with various alts to help the guild get closer to 10 and then 20, we could really use some extra slots. Sorry for the short post, but it’s just not one of those blogging days!

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  1. Thunderab says:

    Baby guild? pfft you have emough raids to form your own raid force =) GL with the new guild and I look forward to reading the next part of Misako’s story =)

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