Misako’s first raid


Little hard to see since it’s shrunk, but besides the blocky persona window in the way, that’s my typical UI

Last night was Deathtoll and boy was I nervous. Yes, I’ve done the zone numerous times over the course of the past two years, but I had never raided with Misako before. Not even so much as Labs. It was also my first raid as a mystic, and there was lots for me to pay attention to. Thankfully with some suggestions from Thunderwalker, I didn’t mess up too badly. It will certainly take some time to get used to healing with her vs. the other healers I have. Mystics have a lot of temporary spells to keep track of, aside from their pet, their stunning ward (which I rarely used), bolster, and torpor… the raid was a blur for the most part. It was fun though. No deaths. Well, one death because we accidentally stepped on a second group of worms and I had wards up, other then that though, no deaths. Probably one of the smoothest DT runs I’ve ever done with this guild. We’ve moved some people around in groups, and I love it. We’ll be diving back into EoF shortly and I’m looking forward to that.

As you can tell by my UI pictured above, I have a lot on the screens. Every character is pretty much the same. The persona window is blocking a lot of the battle or else you’d be able to tell that I have a lot of room to see things. I have 4 chat windows, the ones to the left are tells, group, raid, guild, and then combat, the ones to the right, are npc says and then channels. I also have 7-8 hotkey bars up at any given time depending on the character. I use profit reborn UI, best that I’ve found and it lets me see everything I need to see, like in combat power regen, and specifics about my attacks.

I’m trying to get Goudia to level 30 weaponsmith. I hate having to grind through the 20’s. Number one the +durability buttons are going to turn grey and make it impossible for me to reach pristine. Number two, it’s just drab and boring. I’m also out of vitality, so I’m trying to grind through the levels doing writs which of course just take longer. She’s sitting at 26 right now, so just 4 more levels to work through. On the plus side, the little baby items I’m making seem to sell well. It will be nice to be able to make weapons.

Other then that, things are going well. Guild drama has slowed, Kilanna is away for a few more days (thoughts are with you again girlie). Guild leader and his wife as well as a few others are going to be taking vacations shortly, so raids may be a little slowed. I’m looking to get into more rp, I miss it since the festival of unity a few months back. I’m eager to get Faydai leveled, and then maybe my troubador or ranger. I’d like to see all 3 hit level 70 before RoK comes out. Not sure how feasible that is though. I suppose I could just grind every day, but that’s going to get drab really fast. Misako needs to start / work on the Sword of Destiny, as well as her Claymore. She still needs to speak as a dragon, which I’ll probably get done sunday or monday, not sure yet. Shadowgeist has been having a lot of fun on his necromancer, think he’s close to 45 now. Lader has been playing his defiler, for some reason I just can’t see him as a healer. Lots of interesting changes coming as far as the loot system and drop system in game, looking forward to that. They patched yesterday for 2 hours but nothing was said in update notes, so I don’t even know what it was for, and then today servers are down again. I know it’s quite frequent with all the changes they’ve been adding to have these down times, but people are starting to get slightly cranky. I’d MUCH rather have the servers down for 1-2 hours every day (except weekends) then go through what WoW does though, which is 8-9 hour patches every Tuesday. It’s been that way since release.

More chattering later as always!

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  1. Adele says:

    Grats! I do not envy healers in a raid that is for sure!

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