Test notes for GU37.. Oh.. My.. Gawd

Ok. I am in heaven. I just went and read the test notes for GU37… they’re way too long to post the entire thing, so if you’re interested in reading, check here, and in the mean time, here are the portions of it that I personally am so ecstatic about:


  • You can now sell items on the broker with more than one character!
    • All characters on an account can list items for sale at the same time.
    • Items remain listed as long as you log in with any of your characters at least once every 7 days.


  • Enhance: Resurrection Efficiency: Improved power reduction from 8% to 12% per rank.
  • Spirit Dance: Increased resurrection amount from 15% to 40%. Improved reuse speed from 2 minutes to 90 seconds. Increased radius to 30m.
  • Enhance: Cures, Fading Spirit, Ancient Balm: All ward amounts have been increased by 20%.
  • Immunization: Improved reuse speed from 3 to 2 minutes.
  • Weapon Mastery: Also increases effectiveness of Summoned Spirit Companion (single down arrow instead of double down arrow).


  • Crafted deity altars are no longer flagged “Lore”.
  • Wuoshi’s Molted Scale, Bark of Growth, and Seed of Growth are no longer flagged Lore.
  • Imbue type harvests are now known simply as “material” instead of four separate types (“flower”, “stone”, “tooth”, “scale”SMILEY;), simplifying bank space usage logistics. Existing flowers, teeth, and scales will not be renamed but can still be used.
  • Crafters now gain tradeskill experience from completing tradeskill writs.
  • Crafters who have respec’ed their crafting class and wish to exchange their crafting tool from the Village of Shin quests can now speak to Rai Faela Nurwin near the Village of Shin brokers.
  • The following tinker-made items are now tradable: gnomish flotation device, spring-loaded gnomish stilts, goggles of the bats, gnomish diving goggles, gnomish shades, full spectrum goggles, gnomish anti camo goggles.
  • The Dark Bargainers have noticed a business opportunity and moved to fill it! Neriak now has its own tradeskill faction and faction merchant.
  • Carpenters have removed the following recipes from their recipe books, as they are identical in appearance to other existing items: Maple Gnome Chair, Gnome thinking chair, Gukta ironwood shelf, Ornate bedside table, Burlap painting, Elegant bone chair, Fir trophy box, Ruckas rug, Bone shelf.
  • Tradeskill writs now award Dark Bargainer faction to Neriak citizens.
  • Tradeskill faction merchants will now sell in-home crafting stations to crafters whose efforts have sufficiently impressed them.
  • Kindling merchants not working inside the tradeskill societies are now stocking a wider inventory of recipe ingredients including cream cheese, cocoa, and sugar.
  • The Norrathian Carpenters’ Guild has quietly retired the recipe for the Twisted Oak Table due to lack of demand (existing twisted oak tables will be unaffected).
  • The horned leather backpack recipe is now level 63.
  • Grandmaster’s Elixir of Second Sight will no longer be removed when you zone.
  • The recipe for the teak oval table is now correctly named.
  • An intrepid band of single-minded interior decorators has ventured deep into what remains of the Misty Thicket, and returned bringing yet more furnishing ideas to the cities of Norrath.
  • Carpenters have discovered Steamfont hot springs heating technology! The carpenter-crafted moonstone pools now look slightly more desirable than the quested versions with similar appearance…
  • Jewelers across Norrath have discovered how to make pristine quality handcrafted and mastercrafted rings accept adornments!


  • You can now re-purchase your 10 most recently sold items at the same price.
    • No time limit!
    • Even after logging out or zoning!

8 Responses to Test notes for GU37.. Oh.. My.. Gawd

  1. Lysari says:

    This update and the last have been happy happy things for me. With the furniture previews I got from EQ2 Traders Corner, my little ones are holding off on their homes until the update comes out because I really want some of that furniture.

  2. Kilanna says:

    OMG – Squeals of girlish delight the changes to brokers and vendor are AWESOME.

    Feeling a little bit dissapointed with the changed to Templar blessings line :( But I guess we are going from a 1/4 to a 1/5 bonus chance of proc so not too much of a change.

  3. Keen says:

    The broker change is absolutely awesome!

  4. Jerrek says:

    These are all great changes, especially the broker and the buy back changes! I could have used the buy back tonight, accidentally sold a few things I would have rather held onto, but wasn’t paying attention.

    Thanks for the good news!


  5. Cordanim says:

    OMG the broker thing I’ve been saying should be in for months (ok, years)! :-)

    Yay SOE!!!!

  6. Fred says:

    I am so happy about the change to the broker system. It was always such a pain to send everything to your mule.

    How have you been Stargrace? I have not been on AB in too long.

  7. thunderab says:

    Alot of very good changes upcoming. Glad to see they are really making an effort to improve the game =)

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