Goudia’s House (1-room Inn, Big Bend)


Even a Ratonga needs a place to live. This is Goudia’s one room in located in Big Bend, Antonia Bayle if anyone ever wants to stop in and say hello. With the implimentation of multiple characters being able to sell from the same account in GU37, I decided it was time to spruce up some homes. The new indium candles are beautiful, and make a great addition to the dining table (food to come next) and the poppies to the left spruce up the simple room.

Even a ratonga is not opposed to gazing at themselves in a mirror, nor would she ever dream of giving up the few books she has (which will hopefully grow with time, and not become too cluttered)

An overview of the room shows a simple seating (and drinking?) area, some more books of course, and her bed area, complete with roses. A girl is still a girl after all, even a troll can appreciate the scent and colour of flowers (though they may end up eating them).

A close up of the seating area, some photos hang proudly and a merchant board, a fine collection of wines.

Close up of the sleeping area, what a little reader our Goudia is! The scent of the poppies wafts out through the room.

So remember as you’re decorating, you do not need huge extravagant ideas in order to make even the 1-room inns look like a comfortable place to live. Give it some personality and make it your own, that’s always the most important part.

5 Responses to Goudia’s House (1-room Inn, Big Bend)

  1. Ogrebears says:

    Everyone house’s always look better than mine.. Mine seem to always look messy

  2. stargrace says:

    No, no pets in the inn rooms, maybe one. No more though. Pets = lag. Lag = bad. My 5 room homes have a few pets, the baby dragons and a cat or two, but that’s about it. I find them annoying.

  3. Jerrek says:

    Very nice little place, I may have to stop in some time. I really need to get to work on my own home, mostly just getting things to fill it up!

    No pets though? Don’t you like having little creatures roaming around? :)


  4. Kilanna says:

    Oh gawd – I cant wait to get back home to my own PC tomorrow and log on to start getting ready for the next update.

    I just hope the prices of the various vendor crates have not gone completely crazy so I can get each of my crafter girls a crate for their respective specialty.

    Kayyla will have to pop in and visit your Freeport girls sometime soon, but I am yet to work out how I will be able to visit Stargraces house in Qeynos – may need to re-roll my Warlock to a Qeynos based class :)

  5. thunderab says:

    Very nice looking house. I love the plants and I am sooo glad they are adding them. Crafting is a very big part of EQ2 that they overlooked for too long.

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