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A random tell I got today that just made everything worth while

Every so often, I’ll get a tell from someone who reads my site, telling me thank you, or that it has some good information, or that they used it for the relic gem list and what not, and each time, it makes me smile. Last week I had someone comment (after I’d spoken in the 60-69 channel so they saw my name) that they had the site linked from their guild, and used it for relic gem lists quiet frequently. I was pleased as punch. So when I got the above tell today, of course it just made me smile. I responded with my typical nervous “well thank you so much” type of reply, because honestly what else am I supposed to say to a comment like that. I don’t do very well with the praise. I’ve met some wonderful people through my site though, and even if no one at all read it I’d still update it every day simply because I love to write.

I also (along with Geabrial) worked on a few heritage quests tonight to try to help push the guild towards level 10. Shadowgeist wanted a few HQ done for his necromancer, so we decided on Foomby’s Stolen Goods, and By Hook or By Crook. Both are fairly simple to do with very little camping. The guild actually got three levels today. Now, I realize that level 10 is not a big deal. A lot of guilds can achieve that pretty much instantly. However, I worked hard at it to get it that far and I have every intention of seeing it all the way to 60 if I possibly can. I take pride in my achievements and this will just be another one I add to the list. Besides, once they add tradeskill experience to crafting writs, I intend on grinding out a whole lot of them with the weaponsmith (have I mentioned lately how much I HATE leveling this class? No? Well I do).

Aside from working on HQ and the pleasant tell today, I also decorated a small amount. Took more screen shots of Stargrace’ home which is open to the public at 4 Bayle Court and will have some shots coming up tomorrow more the likely. I spent 12p on 19 rough ebony (the T7 rare) in preparation for GU37 with multiple characters being able to sell at once. Not only can I use some crates myself for the plethora of alts I have, but I can sell them for a tidy profit (hopefully). I’m down to my last 20p which is quite frustrating for me. That’s the fun of having alts though, always some where to spend your money. Misako’s betrayal is the cost I am still trying to recoup over, it’s very slow going though.

Oh, and a random pet peeve. To all those people out there who are harping on the Equinox magazine because they think it is SoE trying to steal their money? I direct their attention to here. While SoE I’m sure is reaping some sort of benefit (though it may just be general publicity to their game) PLEASE keep in mind that this magazine is NOT published by SoE. It is being published by a UK based company, who actually does specializations in a few MMO’s. I was actually asked to write an article for their 2nd edition, so maybe it’s a bit of a shameless plug for myself, but even if I hadn’t been. It’s best to have the whole story before you go flaming SoE for trying to “steal” your money. No one is forcing anyone to buy it. Gah. I’ll never understand people.

5 Responses to It Just Makes my Day

  1. heather says:

    Grats on the nice comments—knowing folks get use out of and enjoy your hard work is an awesome feeling.

    I’ve never understood folks who feel a company is “stealing” their money when discussing the entertainment industry. If you want to talk about necessities that you have no choice over like your electricity bill, groceries, or gas, I might buy the use of that word. But when talking about luxury items that are purchased entirely by choice? Uh-uh.

  2. Adele says:

    Aww That is sweet!

  3. thunderab says:

    I subscribed already to it … beta testing again will be nice… and I am soo looking forward to your article in it =)

  4. stargrace says:

    Hope you don’t mind that I posted your comment, I like to share things on my site be it a random conversation, an interesting screen shot, or some other random tid bit that interests me.. Yesterday the tell was one of those things that just had me smiling ;)

  5. Lessling says:

    Well, I wasn’t expecting to see my tell on this site (Sound is my Dirge Carpenter), but I do enjoy reading other’s exploits (especially fellow healers). I have to agree with Weaponsmith, mines on a back burner for now as I work on Carpenter, Jeweler and Alchemist (currently they are all in their 50s, and I am struggling with harvesting duties).

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