Wait.. what did you just say to me?

First of all. To the person who left the very rude comment on my site on a previous post. Don’t do that. I don’t allow comments to get posted unless I read them first, so if you were trying to act all cool or whatever, it failed, sorry. On the plus side, I do have your ip information now, and you won’t be doing it again. I have absolutely no issue with people expressing their opinions on a post, or disagreeing with me about everything under the sun, but if you’re just going to out right insult me and make a personal comment about what sort of person you think I am? Yeah. Don’t do it.

Yesterday was a some what productive day. I decided to settle with one character and actually work them to 70 next. So who have I decided to do this with? The troubador. Who may be a dirge, I have not decided yet. I’ll decide once I hit 70 and figure out what people want. I doubt I’ll play her seriously but it would be nice to take the bard + mystic to 80 first. That’s my personal choice though. I’ll be taking the bard + healer type to 80 first no matter what, and eventually they’ll all hit 80 so it’s not that big of a deal.

So the troubador went from 53-55 yesterday. Lots of fun to play. Tried to do mines and get one of the two fabled daggers to drop with no luck of course. Did however get the brigand ancient teachings of amazing reflexes, which should sell for a pretty penny. I’m trying to save up some coin again in preparation of RoK, it’s not going to work though of course because I’ll find something pretty out there that I just HAVE TO HAVE RIGHT NOW. Probably a house item. Thinking of "borrowing" Shadowgeist today and harvesting blue shinies. None of my alts have done those collection quests yet and I’d like the rewards for their homes. Not to mention the aa from it.

Next few weeks are going to be sort of.. meh. As far as raids go. Or that’s what I think at least. I really hope I’m proven wrong. People are on vacation, and the non-typical raiders are signing up more and more which is fine but there’s just so much personally that I see has to be done. People need claymore. People need their arcanist signet quests. People need SoD. DT access. I realize that my inquisitor and mystic both need these as well (except for SoD on the inquisitor, she already has hers) but I’ve already completed all of these things on my fury. So the inspiration to do them a second or third time is lacking. I don’t get to play my fury but there are certainly times I miss her. I put a lot of work into the character. There are 2839328495734 +1 druids already out there though once they got portals. So she sits on the back burner.

I’ve been talking to some members of my old guild Torrent Knights. Well, former members. In specific the "rapture" bunch who left us with two weeks notice for Vanguard and the whole guild fell apart because of. They are all playing EQII again. Though a select number of them are playing on a new server, it pisses me off that they came back to the game after ripping the best guild apart that I had been in. I knew Vanguard was not going to be "all that" or keep them there. Torrent Knights was a fantastic guild and it still irks me 6 months later. We were doing things back in January that my current guild is still months away from doing.

Anyhow, sorry for the venting post. It’s just been one of those days.

4 Responses to Wait.. what did you just say to me?

  1. Tiya says:

    “I have absolutely no issue with people expressing their opinions on a post, or disagreeing with me about everything under the sun”

    Figured that would be a nice opener, to see if you actually mean what you say!

    Will keep this simple, it wasnt just Rapture that left. There were others, about 6-7 or so?

    “it pisses me off that they came back to the game after ripping the best guild apart that I had been in”

    Nothing was ‘ripped apart’ we just left, maybe you could have taken over and run things yourself?
    As someone said, guilds rise and fall.

  2. ThunderAB says:

    Chances are they do not know what kind of a person you are then … I have seen noting besides you being a very freindly player and a competent one … Unfortunatly guilds ris and fall all too frequently… when they depend on a small core it is all the more devestating when they leave… Grats on your Trouby =)

  3. ogrebears says:

    I have a Dirge right now but i’m unsure as well what to make of her. There very very few Troubadors, (When i did the number for level 70 player they were tied for 24 place with Corecers). At the same time everyone and there mother want a Dirge in there group, So i went with dirge but i’m still not sure which i want.

  4. Adele says:

    First Grats on the levels! Second, yeah I hate when people do that! One person posted on mine once that I was illiterate american and that Bush sucks… I was like ok… and you think I will leave that up there!

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