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Arysh taking a stroll through Qeynos Harbor, happened across another traveler

When I see a guide wandering around the Shattered Lands, I always remember when I had applied to be a guide, and wonder why I decided against it. In the end I think it was just my general love of the game that stopped me from going any further with it. While I love being able to enhance someone else’ game play through the guide program specifically with their contests and rp events, I just found it much more fulfilling if I delved into the game from a players perspective (though I am well aware of the fact that guides are also regular players). It’s great to have a volunteer program like this though.

Yesterday was raids. We didn’t exactly have our core group (which is an ever-present issue these days) so we headed off to Lyceum. No deaths for Misako (the mystic) which was nice. The zone was completed in barely over an hour, and everyone did fantastic. We decided to give Freethinkers Hideout another run. If you remember my previous posts, we’ve had issues with this zone from the start, and yesterday was no different. We downed the first two mobs with little difficulty, though I still have to swap out for my illusionist for the second battle which sort of peeves me because it is a fight that drops class set pieces, and that means my mains class piece will never drop. The warden forearms fell none the less. We wiped a few times on the second last guy like we always do, at the exact same spots that we always do (right after the second mem wipe and reflect hits) and called it a night.

I feel bad for wanting progression. I shouldn’t though, right? I mean, we all pay our monthly fees and want specific things out of the game. I love this guild but there are days when I long to be able to progress some. People have mentioned to me (I won’t name names here, but you all know who I’m talking about if you’re in my guild) that “we” are trying to make The Inquisition into some “uber” raid guild. Which ‘we’ are not. If “we” wanted to be in an “uber” raid guild, “we” would be. You’ll have to forgive my use of quotes around all that stuff.

So. I have no idea what direction I’m headed in game. I have no idea what goals I want to set, or what I want to do. More often then not I’m just left feeling flustered and frustrated. I doubt my quality of playing, and my ability to know my class. Better then the average person? Sure, but there are lots of very incredible players out there.

Sorry for yet another drab post, here’s hoping I stop being so gloomy real soon! Maybe a quest walk through or two will finally make their way to a post.

4 Responses to Well Hello There Naithi

  1. Lishian says:

    True… EQ2 wasn’t designed to be a PVP game, but it does add a little bit of spice to the game.

  2. Mythokia says:

    I was in a bit of the same situation when I played.

    I was in a guild that raided weekends, and occasionally once on a weekday. Partially, it was also due to me being a in different time zone from everyone, and unable to join a full time raiding guild that requires attendance every night, EST. After awhile, there was only so much that we could accomplish, and although there were a couple of zones we haven’t raided, it wasn’t quite possible for us unless we turned into a “uber” full time raiding guild. My interest in the game started to decline then, because I’ve reached a stagnant point whereby progression wasn’t really happening, or possible.

    @Lishian: As for playing on a PvP server for EQ2, I didn’t really like it either. Games that are designed for PvE ground up, and the slapped a PvP ruleset on top generally don’t turn out well. The game has to be designed with PvP in mind, and around PvP. Seeing that you’ve played Lineage 2 at some point, you should understand what I mean.

  3. stargrace says:

    Unfortunately, I’m pretty anti-pvp, especially on this game in particular. I like to quest, and enjoy doing it in peace and quiet, I don’t want to have to constantly be looking over my shoulder to see if someone is about to gank me. I played pvp on both WoW and VG, and I loved it on WoW because there’s really no quests I was trying to do. But EQII is way more about the quests and quiet enjoyment of the game to me then it is ever about the pvp.

  4. Lishian says:

    Not drab at all. I’m sure many feel exactly the same way as you do. I have felt the same before. Try the PVP server if you haven’t… it adds a whole new layer to EQ2.
    How many times have you run from the TS griffin to TS? No problem, right? On a PVP server, you have to remember that there might be some Freeportions somewhere between point A and point B that want to pk you! When you have nothing to do… no raids… no quests… you can always go and gank some players.

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