Are you ready for GU37?


I’ve got Stargrace stacked with sales crates, if they don’t sell, I’ll just use them myself

Last night was Deathtoll, even though I am utterly bored of the zone, Goudia (the now 56 troubador) managed to snag herself a relic chain breastplate. It’s a funny thing to be able to deck out my alts with random raid loot that no one else wants. Misako would have won herself a new pretty as well, as dominance dropped, however I forgot to actually zone her into DT, and the poor girl does not have access. Transmuted instead. Oh well.

I played Arysh for the first portion of the raid. It was nice to play the fury again. She’s the best geared of all my characters with her DT access complete, as well as MoA, Claymore, and Godking. She’s also got her Ring of the Four Winds from the Fallen Dynasty adventure pack. I loved playing her in the past, but as more and more guilds requested that the fury dps, I became a little disgruntled. I realize that healers can both dps and heal, but it is just not an easy thing for me to grasp or to have any want in doing.

I played Stargrace for the second portion of the raid. Oh. My. Gawd. She was 2nd on the dps list for the majority of the fights she was in. She out parsed the wizard and scouts quite frequently. Lader (conjuror) gave her some issues on a few fights but it still felt great to be up that high as my illusionist. Sort of crappy for the rest of the raid though, she should not be able to out parse them so easily. She was 3rd a few fights, parsing around 1.2-2k and I missed playing her. There’s just really no need or reason to on a raid now though. Illusionists are pretty much everywhere. I think that I personally helped the parse go up though, as other classes started to try a bit more once I’d joined the group. Motivation is a wonderful thing. Though maybe I’m speaking too highly of myself here.

Anyhow, as you can see by the screen shot above, Stargrace is well equipped for the new GU37 once it comes live. I’ve bought all the rough ebony that I could find cheaper then 70g and made it into sales crates, priced for 2p. If they don’t sell, I’ll ues them for my own characters since I’ll be taking advantage of the new change (I’ve always dreamed of my characters being able to sell individually and making their “own” money) and if they do sell, then I’ve made over 1p profit per container. I’m eager for the update, every day that I exp I’m forced to send all of the goodies to one of my two seller characters. It’s a huge pain and I’d rather just be able to sell from the get-go with the alts.

And no, I have not forgotten about the 24 new furniture items coming into game at that point either. I expect I’ll be quite busy crafting before too long. Looking forward to it as well might I add. I’m also looking forward to being able to get Goudia a few tradeskill levels by grinding writs for exp. Weaponsmith only gets 2-3 recipes a level and it’s very frustrating compared to a class like a sage or an alchemist.

More rambling later.

3 Responses to Are you ready for GU37?

  1. Lishian says:

    adornments are the way to go imo… My old man was a carpenter and after the update that watered down tradeskilling, nobody was buying. :( I loved carpentry too.

  2. Jerrek says:

    That’s a whole lot of boxes! Hope they sell, then I’ll know who to hit up for a loan. ;)


  3. ogrebears says:

    I”m not high enought to make thouse…. hope you make a ton of plat… I’ll just stick to my selling of over priced food and drink to the masses for the win!!!

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