Do you Remember Tarton’s Wheel?


This item used to be amazing when level 50 was the cap, I found it today stashed in Dasie’s bank

You can find the walk through for the item posted above here if you’re one of those people who enjoy doing quests for sentimental value, or if you’re adventuring along looking for something to do, or heck you’re just looking for a spiffy new item to play with. Back when level 50 was the cap this item was amazing, and it was also difficult to get. Back when Obelisk of Lost Souls required access to every floor, back when the script for Nektropos Castle was hard to remember. Ahh. Miss those days.

  1. Purchase an emerald gem from Merchant Dondl Fuzzlecutter in Baubbleshire or Merchant Vlepo in Temple Street (61.47, 4.11, 66.28) and keep that gem in your inventory.
  2. Examine a chest on the Thundering Steppes docks (-565, -14, -490).
  3. Find 10 rods all over Norrath. The rods have respawn timers, so the items to get them may not always be clicky.
    • Azia: -540, -153, -1170 a chest underwater in The Commonlands (north and slightly west of the Freeport griffon station, just off the top of the map).
    • Beza: -1882, -29, -491 on second floor of building in Windstalker Village in Antonica (scroll on desk).
    • Caza: -475, -22, +231 in Thundering Steppes (small lump of meteorite underwater in crater north of RoV entrance).
    • Dena: -241, -4, +223, under the Bridge in Nektulos Forest at the Commonlands exit .
    • Ena: at -57, +4, +5 in Ruins of Varsoon, a large wheel on the platform where Alchemist Pindula is found.
    • Fana: at -223, -11, -132 is the stump and anvil inside Middlehill’s General Store in Rivervale
    • Geza: -281.78, -4, 447.76 in Feerrott in a rock among the ruins beside Greenblood River, near where Bouncer Prud spawns.
    • Heda: +210, -14, +22 on a table in Lord Everlings laboratory in Nektropos Castle.
    • Izah: at +33, +594, +332 the throne in Obelisk of Lost Souls (room with three shadowed men around a fire).
    • Jaka: at -53, -24, -330 in Miragul’s Menagerie in a clump of candles in the room with the big cube in the middle.

The item isn’t of any use now of course, and the fact that it’s no-value means you can’t even sell to vendor. I wish there was an option to have a majority of legendary items turned into housing items. Not that we really need any more with all of the little trinkets you can get in game but it’s a quaint thought.

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  1. thunderab says:

    Wow what is the cast and recast on that item? Would be a nice insta deaggro if fast enough

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