Goudia hits 59, and the update is today! *squeels*


Goudia hits 59, thwacking away at various mobs in TT, working the basket quests.. too bad she’s out now

The little Ratonga stopped and stood still a moment. She tilted her head to the side, a huge grin spread out on her face. She clasped her hands to her chest. Stood on her toes. Opened her mouth, and let out an earth shattering shriek. It could have pierced glass it was that loud.

HHHhheeeerrrreeee little swoop serpent! Let me cut cut cut, gonna jab jab jab! Hhhheeeeeeerrreeee little swoop serpent! Let me thwack thwack thwack let me hack hack hack!

She danced over the grass nimble as could be, tucking her tail around her waist as she passed over the small stream, careful not to get it wet. Goudia loved her job. Loved singing as she did her job, and the shinies that accumulated in her pockets after each session of work was rewarding in itself.

So as you can see above, Goudia finally hit level 59. The troubador is a lot of fun to play, I really would like to experience raids playing a scout class. It would be the first time I’ve ever played one, though she is almost exactly like playing an illusionist I find. She has PoTM now, which gives a proc for every spell cast for 20 seconds. I find myself petitioning to get her mystical orb of the invoker back (which the GM’s helped with, thank you very much, it was appreciated) and looking for proc gear. She’s going to have to do her bone-clasped girdle HQ shortly, and I’m looking forward to it. Who would have known the little Ratonga could be so much fun! I have no dreams of betraying back to dirge, though I believe I will make another bard and level up a dirge eventually. I would like to get into raids with her, but we’ll see how that goes.

The game is down for patching right now, go figure. I’m excited! Very excited. New furniture items. Revamped class aa (though there are down sides to this) and multiple characters selling. I’m excited.. I spent most of last night harvesting in preparation for writs now giving tradeskill experience, and for all of the new items. I’m sure I’ll post update notes once I can see them.

3 Responses to Goudia hits 59, and the update is today! *squeels*

  1. ogrebears says:

    i was really thinking about betraying my dirge to a Troub a few days go. (was moving my fae to neriak). But i decided to stick with the dirge.

  2. stargrace says:

    Sounds exactly like my illusionist, who has 4-5 temporary spells to be sure to keep up while she’s still trying to do her spell dmg (troub doesn’t do a whole lot of melee anyhow I’d say 90% of her dmg comes from spells) so I’m looking forward to it. I have never played a scout before, ever on raids. Just healers (mainly) and the illusionist. Having bladedance is nice =x It’s so exciting, lol.

  3. Tipa says:

    I think you’ll find raiding with a troub different than raiding with any other scout class… having to keep PotM, Jesters, and dealing with the root/no autoattack while still trying to do decent dps with spells (and especially spell procs, as you suggested to me months ago) — that’s a way different job than the usual scout job of purely maximizing dps.

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