An Old Memoir: Cloak of Flames

Level: 70

A. This is part 1 of 9 in the Heritage Quest for the Cloak of Flames

1. Collect 11 tome pages from mobs found in 5 zones.

  • Snuffing the Fireknight – Page 1 (LesserFay)
  • Snuffing the Fireknight – Page 2 (LesserFay)
  • Snuffing the Fireknight – Page 3 (LesserFay)
  • Snuffing the Fireknight – Page 4 (Loping Plains)
  • Snuffing the Fireknight – Page 5 (Loping Plains)
  • Snuffing the Fireknight – Page 6 (New Tunaria)
  • Snuffing the Fireknight – Page 7 (New Tunaria)
  • Snuffing the Fireknight – Page 8 (Mistmoore Catacombs)
  • Snuffing the Fireknight – Page 9 (Mistmoore Catacombs)
  • Snuffing the Fireknight – Page 10 (Kaladim)
  • Snuffing the Fireknight – Page 11 (Kaladim)

– Chest drops for most of them, stick to green or higher. They’re VERY rare and annoying to collect, so just stick with it. It can take literally weeks.

2. Once you’ve got the pages, speak to Juna Crankfizz on the Butcherblock docks.

B. This is part 2 of 9 in the Heritage Quest for the Cloak of Flames

You will recieve 3 quests

  • The Fourth Warrior-Silken Drape
  • The Fourth Warrior – The Woven Metal
  • The Fourth Warrior – The Leather Cloak

C. This is Part 3 of 9 in the Heritage Quest for the Cloak of Flames

The Fourth Warrior – Silken Drape:

  1. Juna mentions that the drape is in the hands of Taerenun.

    • This is the cursed elf who can be found in Lesser Faydark roaming near Obelisk of Blight.When you talk to him he becomes agro. He is level 70^^^ Heroic.
    Note: If more than one person in the group is working on this step, everyone must finish clicking through the dialogue before he dies, or they will not get the update. He has a 15 minute respawn.
  2. When you kill him, go back to Juna.

D. This is Part 4 of 9 in the Heritage Quest for the Cloak of Flames

The Fourth Warrior – Woven Metal:

  1. Juna asks you to find Valyn Gloin

    • He is a dwarven ghost, standing in a corner near the Mushroom Patch at ( -88,26,-391 ) in Kaladim.
    • You can use invisibility to get to this NPC and then huddle into the corner to avoid mushroom agro.
    • After some dialog he gives you the metal.
  2. Return to Juna.

E. This is Part 5 of 9 in the Heritage Quest for the Cloak of Flames

The Fourth Warrior – The Leather Cloak:

  1. Juna asks you to pick up Balarus’ armor and blade in Felwithe.

    • found in the building in New Tunaria just before you reach the castle at ( -360, 100, -480 ) and ( -370, 100, -480 ). They are 2 highlighted pieces on the pedestals and the mouseover name is NOT Belarus.
    • There are several see-invis mobs that are green and agro to a level 70 in the area of these pieces.
  2. Go to The Combine Spires in Greater Faydark. In the center of the spires is a ghostly presence, shifting in and out. Interact with him and give him the armor and blade.
  3. He respawns as a 70^^^ Heroic Shadowknight and attacks, kill him.
  4. Return to Juna.

F. This is Part 6 of 9 in the Heritage Quest for the Cloak of Flames

The Fourth Warrior – The Ardent Cowl

  1. Juna sends you to speak with An Ardent Elder in the Mistmoore Catacombs.

    • She is found on a ledge near the Myr’Dal, to the Southwest of the middle ascent, at ( 60, -124, 152 ).
  2. She tells you that in order to re-power the cowl, you must do a favor for each of her 3 children, and one for herself:

    • Ardent Cowl – Living Stone
    • Ardent Cowl – Lyrech
    • Ardent Cowl – Raem Stone
    • Ardent Cowl – Spirit Gem
  3. When you have completed all 4 tasks, speak to An Ardent Elder again to empower the cowl.
  4. Return to Juna.

G. This is Part 7 of 9 in the Heritage Quest for the Cloak of Flames

The Fourth Warrior – Solusek Mining

  1. Juna asks you to condense some Dozurite to power some lamps inside of Solusek’s Eye, to power the big machine in the front of the giant crater.
  2. Go down to the area with the magmatic golems, titans, and sentries (-166, -225, 48). The golems start if you go through the teleporter to the giants and then head east back to the entrance.

    • Use the Focused MCE Ray that Juna gave you on the golems and sentries to make a superdense magmatic gloem(70^).
    • If you get two golems be sure to kill the un-condensed one first.
    • When the dozurite golem dies he will drop a harvestable dozurite. It will disappear very quickly, so gather the dozurite fast.
  3. Once you have 30 dozurite find a large refining machine to convert your dozurite to a refined version.  It takes three unrefined dozurite to make one refined dozurite. There are several machines throughout the golem area. There is one at (-5,-250,33) and another at (-259, -239, -40).
  4. Once you have the 10 refined dozurite go to the tall lamps and insert the dozurite by right-clicking on them. They look like old fashioned street lamps with a glowing yellow light and are scattered throughout the upper part of Sol’s Eye. Not all the lamps are clickable. There are exactly 10 functional lamps and can be found at:

    • (-5,-250,30)
    • (15,-285,90)
    • (-25,-245,30)
    • (-15,-240,0)
    • (-50,-240,-150)
    • (-145,-230,-85)
    • (-225,-240,-25)
    • (-300,-220,20)
    • (-270,-40,-190)
    • (-215,-20,-60)
  5. Now you need to turn on the power generators so you can re-imbue the cloak. Go to the large hole near the zone entrance. On either side of the hole by the ramps at (-104,11,-18) and (-104,-11,68) there will be a lever. Click them both to route power to the machine.
  6. Now go to the middle of both levers where there should be spinning gears (-69,-12,25) and click the center of the machine to get the final update.
  7. Return to Juna.

H. This is part 8 of 9 in the Heritage Quest for the Cloak of Flames

The Fourth Warrior – Jhal’Dolek

  • Juna asks you to heat the leather cloak.
  • Go to Steamfont Mountains, to the geyser area (the one with the steam elementals and harpies).
  • Mine Flamesalt in the area around (-670, 75, 1475) near the vents, before the water.
  • You need to summon Jhal’Dolek (70^^ heroic). Stand on top of one of the vents and use the Flamesalt in your inventory. This summons either Jhal’Dolek the air elemental or a fire elemental. Kill the fire elementals till the named spawns. You can continue to harvest more flamesalt to use on other vents, but you need to find a different vent each time.
  • Once he appears, right click and use the paste Juna gave you. You will get an update message that the cloak has erupted into flames. This puts an incurable effect on you for about 10 minutes or until you zone/evac.
  • Note: You may also use the paste right before using the flamesalt to summon Jhal’Dolek. The important part is you need to be fighting Jhal’Dolek after applying the paste.
  • Warning: If you die after applying the paste you will have to go back to Juna for more paste! Just delete the quest and she will give it to you again.
  • While the cloak is on fire, kill Jhal’Dolek. He drops a chest with the Heart of Jhal’Dolek in it.
  • Use the heart on the cloak. The heart can be traded so everyone in your party can use it on their cloaks. This must be done while you are under the incurable elemental effect.
  • Return to Jun

I. This is Part 9 of 9 in the Heritage Quest for the Cloak of Flames

The Fourth Warrior – Unification

  1. Juna sends you to Greater Faydark with an item that summons goggles.
  2. In Greater Faydark, summon the goggles and wear them. You will now be able to see previously invisible miniscule spider silks. These look like harvestable ?’s, however, they have the words "miniscule spider silk" above them rather than ?’s.
  3. Harvest 20 miniscule spider silks’
  4. Return to Juna for your reward.
  • Reward: Cloak of Flames
  • 86,000 status points

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