The Symbol in the Flesh: Crested Mistmoore Shield

Level 68

This quest starts by examining the Glyph Tattoed Flesh, dropped by a Glyphed ghoul in Loping Plains.

  1. Find someone that can tell you about the tattooed flesh. Talk to Tavish Dracinov in the Village of Somborn in Loping Plains ( -395, 12, -53 ). This step can only be done if you are level 66 or above, otherwise she will ignore you.
  2. She will send you to speak with Amares D’Venhz at the other end of the room ( -373, 12, -33 ).
  3. He tells you that the symbol is the glyph of Mordiggian, a cannibalistic creature that stalks the Plains, and he sends you to gather:

    • 20 chunks of raw meat from bone golems (a carrion abhorrence) in Breathless Hollow ( -150, 7. 6 ). The rictus gnawers in Mistmoore Catacombs also update this step.
    • 20 congealed blood drops from stirges (a borebeak gorger, a borebeak sipper, a borebeak stabber, etc.) found in Mistmoore Catacombs.
  4. Return to Amares D’Venhz. He sends you to find information about a relic or weapon suitable for ghoul hunting.
  5. Talk to Havras "Hack" Scutter  in Somborn ( -310, 11, -49 ).
  6. He tells you to create a weapon suitable for slaying a powerful undead ghoul lord. This will launch one of 2 sub-quests

Gouldbane Empowered – If you have Ghouldbane BEFORE returning to Amares.

    1. Speak with Toranim Skyblade in North Qeynos (535.29, -32, -173.74).

    2. He will perform the empowerment ritual for you, but he needs you to:

      • bring him 1 Enchanted Ore from a transmuter. (As of Live Update #34)

      • bring him 6 phosphorescent pearls from deep spawn consorts in Loping Plains. You will find them on the beach, around the small wooden platforms.

      • find, and kill, Kassar The Uncontrolable in the Mistmoore Catacombs.

    3. Return to Toranim Skyblade (not to Amares D’Venhz)

Gogas Afadin – If you do not have Ghoulbane

  1. Speak to Gogas Afadin in Nektulos Forest

    • He is in one of the Thexian camps by the tunnel to Darklight Woods at ( -1392, 25, -1399 )
  2. Acquire the components for the ghoul-slaying weapon.

    • Acquire one Enchanted Azurite Capillary from a transmuter
    • Get 6 Phosphorescent Pearls from deep spawn consorts in the loping plains
    • Slay the beast called Kassar The Uncontrolable  in the Mistmoore Catacombs
  3. Return to Gogas with the components and 20g  and he will craft the weapon for you.
  1. Return to Amares D’Venhz.
  2. Kill Mordiggian, 68^^^ Heroic mob in the Breathless Hollow. To spawn him you will examine what looks like a plate on a rock near FTH. He will have 3 waves of adds. When the adds pop, he depops and seems to respawn back at the plate. The adds are a separate encounter.
  3. Return to Amares D’Vehnz in the chapel to claim your reward.
  • Crested Mistmoore Shield

  • 77,400 Status

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