Goudia, a piano, and a whole lot of fun


Goudia smashing the keys to the piano in Unrest… the home owner didn’t seem so impressed

Last night was a great night in game, for a few reasons. First of all, spent the better portion of the day running around and questing with my dynamic duo of Goudia and <insert whichever class I am playing here>. For the most part I was playing Shadowgeist, fiance’s Shadowknight. After dinner a few of us were all wondering what to do. So we decided on an Unrest group. Now unrest can take a lengthily time even with a stable 6-person group of level 70’s. This was our group make up for the evening:

Shadowgeist (70 Shadowknight), Xoolander (54 Necromancer, boxed by Shadowgeist), Thunderwalker (70 Mystic), Kaylie (Boxed 70 Swashbuckler by Thunderwalker), Dasie (70 Inquisitor), Goudia (60 Troubador boxed by Dasie).

So, there are three of us really in the group. We’re all boxing. One is below level 61, the other is below 55..so there’s really only four people in the group. We wiped once, while doing the final portion to gather all the bones and spawn the last guy and did pretty damn good even if it did take 4 hours. Shadowgeist got the helmet to drop which was an upgrade, Goudia and Xoolander got plenty of aa, and Dasie got her class specific breastplate. She just needs two more pieces now (shoes and either gloves or pants, go figure) and she’ll have her 33% reduced spell casting. Even better then the fabled set out there in my opinion.

Dasie, pleased as punch about her new breastplate

Everyone did an amazing job, and I was just thankful that I wasn’t tanking it. I really don’t enjoy tanking at all. Hence why I only have my one little monk alt as a tank-type class, and she is a solo quester for the majority. I haven’t gotten to play Misako a whole lot lately or work up her gear to a great extent, but I’ve still been having a lot of fun in game. Lader was sending me frantic excited tells last night as he did FTH (Freethinkers Hideout) and sounded so happy to be raiding (and taking down) EoF content instead of the KoS stuff he’s been struggling through for the past few months. I’m so glad that he’s happy and doing what he enjoys in game.

Misako also got two new pretties from the adventures in Unrest, but I’ll write about that in another post tomorrow! It was an exciting day.

4 Responses to Goudia, a piano, and a whole lot of fun

  1. stargrace says:

    I use profit reborn as far as UI’s go, can find it here http://www.eq2interface.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=4277

  2. Mythokia says:

    Sorry of if this is a bit off topic, but what UI are you using?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I guess you didn’t approve my other comment on the post about TK. :p

    Glad to hear Lader is back to raiding if that’s what he wants to do – my current guild is looking for a Conjuror but, well, it’s euro time, heh :)

    I don’t usually remember to read your blog, only relinked it recently as someone pointed out the TK-referencing post, but glad to see you guys are getting on with things and having fun. You should do unrest speed runs, I find the zone more fun if competing against myself, my best time is 63 minutes from zone-in til the time the last named died – reasonably fast, but should be easy enough to beat as I don’t really rush *that* much :D… would be even more of a challenge if you did it with the whole group being yourself! :P

  4. Cordanim says:

    Congrats on the upgrades! Sounds like a fun night. I need to get in on an Unrest group – next time you plan on going, let me know and I’ll see if I can’t get on for it! :-)

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