Misako’s 5-room (Freeport)


A work in progress of course, but a picture of the nursery, complete with crib (unrest collection finally done!) and a jack-in-the-box. It has the same graphic as the city merchant cube, however it’s slightly larger, and it also plays music if you right click it. The collections are the Estate Mementos (crib) and Cursed Objects (Jack-in-the-box). I paid a few plat to get the last few items I was missing for these two collections, but they were well worth it.

The kitchen and bar area is finally done, I love the way it turned out. Added that second hanging lamp for some colour. There’s another lamp along the counter but the light is picky for some reason and only shows if you get a little closer. The new Xegonite bowls make fantastic sinks.

A comfortable living space just off of the nursery. The shelves are quite bare for now but it’s a work in progress after all. I love the new vale furniture they added to game, gave things a real nice look. The house is of course a huge work in progress, but I’m happy with the way things are going. With these three rooms done I’m below half of my used item limit, which is always a good thing. The majority of the book quests out there don’t use any house space so I can add to the collection and not worry about hitting her limit. I’m unsure of what I want to do for the remainder of the space, but I’m sure it will come to me slowly. I’d like to try to get her an easel but they’re going for a few plat now since they’re no longer in game. We’ll see how it goes!

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  1. stargrace says:

    Added you to friends, if you need things made I’ve got a 70 carpenter at my disposal, and I’d love to help you out! Forgot you’re on AB *grins*

  2. Jerrek says:

    That is one problem I am trying to work on myself, creating a nice set of furniture. I’m on AB with just about every other blogger I read, strange enough though I’ve never run into anyone yet! I guess the world is just that big.

    I may take you up on the decorating some time, but I’ll make some more furniture first so there is actually a point to it haha. I may end up moving again too, I’m just not happy with the Kelethin housing. Round room? No windows? I don’t think they even give you an option to change the color of the walls or floor. :(


  3. stargrace says:

    They’re level 30-39 recipes Jerrek, so you’re not too far away actually, and if you’re ever looking for a decorator.. I am more then willing (and happy) to create a character on your server to help out. I decorate better if people own a whole lot of stuff that I can just move around, lol. Actually having to craft / create all the items and homes from scratch is so hard. =x

  4. Jerrek says:

    I absolutely love your house, especially the bar and sitting area. I’d really like to get my hands on some of those green chairs and sofas.. I have a long way to go in carpentry before I can make those though, I imagine. (level 23 /cry)

    You wouldn’t want to come decorate for me would you? ;)
    I just don’t have the eye for it..


  5. ogrebears says:

    i’ve tired and tired to make my house’s look nice but it all ways just looks like i put everything in on the floor.

  6. Kilanna says:

    Oh it looks absolutely gorgeous. I am gonna have to log Kayyla tonight and come have a lookie :)

    Apologies again for being a bit flakey this weekend – hope I will be back to my normal cheery self ASAP.

  7. Staranah says:

    Very nice decorating. I really enjoy your blog and updates on the decor – great ideas!!

  8. ThunderAB says:

    I love the look making it look like real home.

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