A little motivation


So when she finally hits 70, Goudia has some new stabbies all ready

There’s nothing like a little motivation to get some levels for your character. Goudia is sitting at 60% into 63 right now, with not enough vitality for me to be able to even make it into the next level. However, she did manage to get her little paws on two VERY pretty .. pretties.. last night. She has a few levels before she can use them but I adore them none the less. I think it will actually be a hobby of hers. Once her bags are not filled with tradeskill materials, she can fill it with pretty looking stabbies. Even though I (one of the few who do) realize that bards are not exactly melee’ers. I had a discussion about this yesterday with a friend of mine, trying to figure out a few things. I was examining a few other troubadors, and noticed that they’re all spec’d for strength it seems. Now, I realize that I’m still fairly new at playing a bard. However. My bard is int spec’d. She’s wearing mostly moonstone jewelry until I can afford the nicer stuff with +int on it (and have the levels) and she’s got more int then anything else. She’s sitting at 434 currently. Does this mean she can’t melee? No, of course she can, but only 3 of her “songs” do melee damage. The rest do mental damage. Leading me to believe that she is pretty much a chain wearing caster, rather then a pure dps scout. If the bard is dead due to rushing up towards a mob, the whole group suffers. I’d rather hang back a bit and cast my songs from afar (they have some nice range).

Handy bag to have around.. and brings back some old EQ memories

Gerbil and Goudia (the dynamic duo.. a fae and a ratonga, you can’t possibly get any cuter) started (and finished) their bag of the tinkerers last night, along with some much appreciated (and needed) help from Shadowgeist. Oh, and because I forgot yesterday, a huge thank you to Lader for coming out and helping get those bone-clasped girdles done. The guild is almost level 20, which means another row of bank slots (cheers!), things are coming along nicely. Today it will probably be a round of Barren Sky quests, for some aa. Goudia has been slacking behind lately. I’d like to get more of her EoF aa’s completed. She’s got 68 currently. I’ll probably drag Misako around as well though I think she has the quests done she can at least buff the baby bard and warlock.

The game has been almost un-playable at night lately, which really sucks. There’s been huge amounts of chat lag. Not group chat, for some reason that channel works fine and is separate from the rest. However, guild messages take forever to go through after 7pm EST, and you may not even want to try zoning. I hung at the “receiving zone info” for a good 10 minutes, of course frustrating to me (and everyone else experiencing it).

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  1. Lessling says:

    My Monday night in the UK which is our traditional guild night became unplayable to me, huge lag, the worse I’ve seen. The other two guildies (we are a small group of friends) were fine, kept wiping due to the lack of dps though. I have a fairly decent machine and don’t normally encounter problems (except in Neriak, which sort of goes without saying).

  2. Kilanna says:

    Hrms – our whole raid got booted to the login screen when we zoned into Labs on Tuesday night, and the same thing happened to a couple of guys last night when we zoned into LoA. Wonder what that is all about ?

    I just thought it was because my PC was a low end machine – but seems like there are some general performance problems in Norrath.

  3. Jerrek says:

    Nice little swords, or giant daggers, whatever they are! Either way, it looks like they will hurt whoever they come in contact with haha.

    I agree about the chat lag, it has been really bad since the patch, and starting to drive me crazy. I’m also having really bad memory leak problems in Kelethin, but I think that has more to do with Windows Vista than the EQ2 client.

    Every time I walk past a banker/broker/tradeskill area (IE, where LOTS of people are) I get dropped from the game, even if I just started it up.

    I really need to move back to Qeynos, or possibly Maj’Dul. Trees just don’t do it for me. :)


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