Restless? Make an alt of Course!


Sensual, the newest addition to the alt-army

A few updates. Goudia finally hit level 64, and is almost 65. Which of course is always a good thing because then she’ll get Jesters. A must have for all troubadors. Darcyle also traded her a new dagger that’s got a cool graphic as well as being very bard-worthy (Hard to find DW daggers with int on them until they add the weapon changes, when ever that is). Today we wandered to the Kaladim ring event (ok, well wander is an understatement, it was more like.. train attempt.. die… train attempt.. die… invis..) unfortunately the class gloves did not drop. Instead the legendary scout chain things dropped. An upgrade for Goudia but not what we were there for. There was a templar who was in the group who had their heart set on them as well, hopefully they have better luck in their next attempts.

Last night I was feeling slightly restless, so I dusted off Qutey who is my 23 monk and brought her to Darklight woods to quest with Miliamber, a new coercer. We had fun running around doing the lower level quests. When Smashgut joined I decided to relog to my baby brigand, who was sitting at level 7. It was not long before she hit level 13, completing a good portion of quests. I figure today I will twink her out some in mastercrafted gear and some adornments. It’s always fun to gear baby alts up in “the best” even if you don’t really have any intentions of leveling them. She’ll be ready for any future endeavors.

Real life has unfortunately been beating me around lately, so you’ll have to forgive my lack of posts. Maybe I’ll get into some of those Butcherblock quests before too long on Qutey, and I’d like to get Goudia to 70 still of course. Other then that, things are fairly quiet. Arysh is working her tradeskill (slowly) and Cordanim is gone for the week camping with his family, hope he has fun! Kilanna’s adventures seem to be going well, and Lader has been having some fun working his alts. It was still fun to talk to Jerrek, thank goodness it’s the weekend!

3 Responses to Restless? Make an alt of Course!

  1. Ogrebears says:

    I betrayed my fay to neriak. She Stand out with her fay looking look. Moved her over so i could have my Arasai and make them a couple or something

  2. Alex says:

    You should roll over with us on that new alt guild we did on AB. I think you would like it!!!

  3. Jerrek says:

    Another Alt?! Here I am thinking it’s trouble just to level up ONE character. :P Think I may roll myself an alt soon, not sure what I want to play as though. Neriak seems like it would be a fun city to live in, so I was steering towards Necromancer, but a chain wearing rogue might be fun too..


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