Catalog quests, and Aetryol Monsoon of the Taloned Vigil


Now that Goudia’s hit 65, she was able to craft her relic breastplate. Though she needs a few more levels to wear it

One of the numerous quests in EQ2 that are perhaps the most ignored, and easiest to do, are the creature catalog quests that you can find spread through out. So when Goudia was 20% away from her level yesterday, I decided to complete a few. Specifically the KoS ones, Bonemire, Barren Sky, and TT. The quests don’t require any killing, and with track it makes them a whole heck of a lot easier. I needed about 20% aa exp per quest as well as 7% regular exp at level 64. Got my level — which also means (finally) Jesters cap! A wonderful class defining spell for a troubador. I bought a master of it since it was not too expensive (I don’t mind spending 8p on a class defining spell) and though I didn’t get a lot of time to use it, I was excited none the less. I also did a chain of quests for Aetryol Moonsoon, who can be found in Bonemire. In fact, I think I am out of quests now for the KoS zones. That was some nice solo experience too, so now I’ll have to move back to Lesser Faydark and Loping Plains. Actually loping should have some pretty nice quests to complete, one of which is the warg mount quest which I know is quite easy to do.

I made the new baby brigand (Sensual, from the previous post incase you’ve no idea who that is) a full set of blackened iron gear. I intend on getting her some adornments too just for fun, but I don’t expect to be leveling her much. I’m thinking of doing more crafting then anything perhaps for the next little while, and working up my smaller alts. I was contemplating applying to a raid guild (or two, or three, to see what my options are) but I don’t know if I want to go that rout quite yet.

So what have I got planned in the mean time while I flounder about as usual? Well, Goudia has a whole lot of L&L quests to complete, Misako has a house that needs working on, two guilds I’m apart of could use a few more levels (or two or three) and maybe searching for a new home for my characters where there’s a few more people around. Not that I mind my tiny guild, but some times it’s nice to see others on since I’m in game so frequently. I finally finished the new Harry Potter book last night (in fact I stayed up till 2am reading it) and now I’m reading the DragonLance book I picked up. I’m looking forward to winter getting here eventually, I’ve had enough of the heat of summer.

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