Do you Remember: A Tour of Antonica?


Ahh I remember this quest well, for level 15 (way back in the day) it was a very hard quest to complete – but worth it!

As I ran around finishing off some of Qutey’s Antonica quests, I almost grimaced when I saw this old one pop up again. It was given as a mob drop, both a Commonlands and Antonica version. The Bootstrutter’s Adventure Pack used to be the most amazing bag when I first started the game, and people used to sell them on the broker for a lot (well, what was a lot back then) of money (they’re lore, but not no trade). It’s a 10 slot bag, doesn’t even give you any weight reduction, but when you’re new, you’ll take whatever you can get. It was a trip down memory lane as I worked on the quest. I remember thinking back to the days when it was hard. Of course now that Qutey is level 24 pretty much all of Antonica is grey to her, but when most people got the quest (level 15-ish) it made you run into some pretty dangerous areas.

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  1. Staranah says:

    Too true! Love the questing – I’ve been working through many of the book quests and may do the other races once I ding 70 just for the lore. Still need to do a few more of the Bootstrutters – they do make you learn the lay of the land so to speak!

  2. Moonglum says:

    Wow I remember that one. I agree that Antonica had the best quests around. Still my fav zone in any MMO. This quest was the selling point of the game for me. Exploration and discovery is what eq2 is all about (or should be at least).

  3. Mythokia says:

    Ah yeah, that quest was pretty neat. I always felt that Antonica has the best quests around. Quests are aplenty and rewards immediate and useful. When I first started, I was a pack mule and bag addicted that upgraded my bags constantly before I even do the same with my gear. lol

  4. Cordanim says:

    Haha yeah the Bootstrutter’s quest – ahhh memories.

    Favourite part of the CL version was having to go up that big mountain in the northern area of Commonlands and hope to God that big named rock wasn’t up :-)

  5. Jerrek says:

    I’ll have to keep my eye open for that quest, as I plan to start an alt soon. Right now I’ve decided between either an Assassin or a Brigand, but can’t really choose. What is really holding me back is I want a good name for him but haven’t come up with anything yet!

    I do think I will lock him from combat exp and take my time, just enjoy the quests like you have suggested. I’ve got Jerrek to rush to 70 before the expansion comes out anyways. :P


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