Questing, in EverQuest? Who’d have thought


Qutey Patootie, my level 24 monk, bravely fighting in the Tower of Bone, in Darklight Woods

I’ve posted in the past about my methods of leveling. They typically involve the grind / boxing method. Where I have a level 70 mentored down to the lowbie and then just rip through zones destroying everything in my way. I do chains of quests of importance, or those that I know have great rewards and experience, but for the most part end up avoiding half of the content out there. So I created a character who had the capabilities to solo, but who I would not rush up the levels with my typical power leveling method. I wanted something that could tank, and have methods of escape, as well as moderate dps. Something that did not have to rely on a group ever, but who if I eventually got high enough, could tank for my own groups.

And so Qutey Patootie, my fae monk, was created. I’ve had her for quite some time now, and I rarely ever play her. Since I’d been feeling my typical restlessness in game, I decided to dust off her wings and do some adventuring. She is twinked out with mastercrafted armor (not jewelry though) as well as weapons, and she does have a few adornments that I tossed up on her. Any coin she has is from her own adventures though, and I think she’s sitting at about 21g. She also has combat experience disabled, and has for quite some time. There’s one thing though. She still levels too fast. How? Well, quest completion experience still goes through. So she’s very slowly been leveling up through discovery of new zones, and quest completions. I’ve mostly hung out in Antonica, though recently I did take her through Darklight Woods to get the quests there done. Even though she’s good aligned the quest givers had no issues talking to her. I had to avoid the guards once or twice (I love the fact that monks not only get FD, but they get invis as well).

She has 191 quests completed at level 24 as of right now. Of course not all of those give aa experience, a few I’ve forgotten to mentor down for and a good portion were from antonica where there were a good deal (before the revamp at least, I have not been there since the revamp, I’ll have to test) that did not give aa at all for completion. It’s difficult to adventure in these “old world” zones when the newer ones are around. Not only are the quests vastly out dated, but the gear is certainly not comparable to what’s out there at all. My monk had been getting by with Antonica quests reward for so long, after completing a few in Darklight Woods I’d nearly replaced all of her old jewelry. It’s a nice break from playing the troubador who’s sitting (stuck) at level 65, as well as the 4 other level 70’s that I’ve got. I managed to barely get Goudia to level 37 weaponsmith before I grew utterly bored of it, so I expect that I’ll play around on the monk for the next little while since it holds my interest. It’s fun reading the quest lines and the history behind everything, something I’ve missed out on in the past. I suppose I was also influenced to bring out my monk due to this post here on Average Joe’s blog, about their new guild “Slow Burn”. I wonder how they’ll manage to stay at level 10 though, seeing as quest turn in experience is so huge of an amount. It’s a very cool idea for a guild, and a great way to experience the game if anyone out there is bored, I’d suggest giving it a try. Of course if you’re not much of a quester you may find it an annoying method to experience the game, but for myself at least I think it’s great.

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