Questing.. and more Questing..and more..


Just out of interest, I checked out my 4 level 70’s to see where they were at quest-wise

So the image above is my four level 70’s (I have 10 characters that I consistantly play) and where they stand in their quest rankings. Since I know my characters, it’s not difficult for me to tell the order they go in. The first character listed is Stargrace the illusionist. She ranks 33rd for questing illusionists on Antonia Bayle. I spent some time checking the leader rankings and the top characters don’t even play any more. The second one, with the least amount of quests, is of course Misako. She was power leveled through most of her EQ2 levels, and I’d done very few quests on her. Stargrace has her MoA and important quest lines, Misako has barely done anything. Most of her questing was done in the smaller levels, before I started power leveling her. The third one listed, is Dasie, the inquisitor.

Now Dasie has the most quests completed of all (and also ranks 33rd for quests completed by inquisitors) and there’s a good reason for this. She was my very first character ever in EQ2 (although she was actually named Qutey at the time before I moved her through a bunch of servers). She hasn’t done a whole lot of the newer quests. She does have her SoD, but she does not have claymore. She does have her MoA but does not have Godking. She hasn’t actually done a lot of collection quests (which count towards your total quests on Eq2players, but not on the total if you look in game).

The final one listed is of course Arysh, my fury. She was my “old main” for the longest amount of time. She also has her claymore, MoA, and Godking all completed. Those are long chains of quests and they make a good portion of the total counts. There are a lot of fury on the server, so being 71st in the rankings is not that bad (the rankings include characters of all levels by the way, not just level 70).

So that’s 2,527 quests from my four “main” characters. Lets see about the rest of them…

  • Qutey – 226
  • Faydai – 281
  • Ishbel – 101
  • Goudia – 378
  • Sensual – 60
  • Yamini – 152

So that’s 3,725 quests completed, not including the 20+ characters I’ve gotten to 20-30 and then deleted. Wow. I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Although – there are over 4,000 quests in game. So I’ve not even reached the number that some single characters have. There are of course quests that people gravitate towards. Like the tome quests if you’re big on books for your home. L&L for the mastery smites and house items. The “big ones” like heritage quests and signature quests. How many people actually spend time doing any of the smaller “lesser known” quests though. . . .

2 Responses to Questing.. and more Questing..and more..

  1. Ogrebears says:

    Just checked ogrebear hes at 1,576 quest finshed, 3rd for guardians on the server, only need about 100 to be number one on my server but i’ve been to busy on my alts to work on that.

  2. Cordanim says:

    You are one sick girl ;-)

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