Still taking it Slow


More time with Qutey, the monk – who still has her experience disabled

I still wasn’t in the mood to do anything with my “mains” yesterday, but I’ve been having a whole lot of fun on my baby monk and exploring the old zones and doing the baby quests. Her rankings are not that impressive for a level 24 character, except maybe the “quests completed” section, I’m quite happy with the 226 quests completed (for monks, on Antonia Bayle – ranking 694th so far). Why bother even checking these statistics out? Well, it gives me a little bit of a goal. For example, what if I were in the top 100 of top questing monks on Antonia Bayle. I’d like that I think. It’s a little bit of weird, simple, competition, and a goal that I can work towards (slowly). Of course now that I’ve posted this I expect all the other monks out there to suddenly develop their questing sides and I’ll have a hard time getting above the 500 mark. Serves me right though!

Down time is 8 hours today, so I’ve spent it going through old screen shots, and contemplating designing a signature for my characters. Perhaps re-designing the blog layout, though I like the one I’ve got I’d like a custom header I think. The kitty is passed out on the ottoman beside me in her usual spot. One of the fun quests I did yesterday (that didn’t involve camping boring named in Blackburrow.. ew..) was the Firemyst gully access quest. Once I’d completed it I decided to give the zone a shot. There was a quest in the zone to give me a very cool dw weapon that has a proc vs. undead. Of course at level 24 I had out grown it (though it was still a level 19 quest / reward) so I mailed it to an alt to sell. I managed to invis through the zone to light the signal fires I had to click — however the final one was right at the foot steps of a level 20^^^ heroic, Galintari the Apocryphal, and they were not pleased with my intrusion. So, I discovered another reason why I love monks. Even though mine is only level 24 and her adept3 FD gives her a 65% chance to succeed, I ran up the front stairs, directly in front of the named, and feigned. It worked. Whew. Then while I was feigned I clicked the final signal fire I needed for the update. I wasn’t quite big enough to handle the named alone yet.

I also picked up skeleton L&L from the Tower of Bones in Darklight Woods, and werewolf L&L as well. I find Qutey is still getting too much experience from her quest turn ins (I did manage to clear out a whole lot of grey ones she still had though, and got 2% a turn in or so at her level) and I know I could suicide on her and rack up a whole lot of debt in order to slow down the quest experience, but I’m not keen on that idea. I really dislike having debt.

Four more hours of down time… expect a few more posts.

3 Responses to Still taking it Slow

  1. stargrace says:

    LoL. . . Well, looking at my other characters, most have between 500-800 quests completed.. I’m sure a lot of them are the same quests that my other characters have completed, but wow, that’s a lot of quests…

  2. Cordanim says:

    Jerrek, don’t bother trying ;-) She’ll continue and not only will she pass you, she’ll obliterate you LOL

  3. Jerrek says:

    I better get to work on some of my quests, your monk is only half the levels of my main, and you’ve already just about caught up! I’d feel silly if you passed me up on an alt. ;)

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