Avatar of Valor takes a little nap

The Avatar of Valor is a pretty intimidating looking fella, no?

Congratulations to the guild Eidolon here on the AB server, who took down the Avatar of Valor last night while I parked Goudia not too far away on a hill to peek and watch. I’ve actually never done any Avatar fights myself (for those who don’t know what avatars are, they’re contested epic representations of the gods that are currently in Norrath) but I do love watching the battles. Every guild does things differently, everyone has their own strats. I watched Valor taken down a few times on LDL when I was there, by Strike. So watching a new guild attempt it (new to me at least) was fun, and impressive. The main tank rarely ever dropped below 90% health, and stayed at max power the entire fight. I saw someone ‘rip’ (take agro from the tank) once, not that they lasted long once it had happened. Every Avatar fight is slightly unique, this one spawns sets of adds (a lot of them do) that have to be dealt with during the fight. Anyone who’s done pretty much any raiding in EQ2 (or even any regular grouping) knows that adds can actually be the most difficult portion of any fight. It’s not necessarily the main target that smacks you around nearly as much as getting swarmed by adds.

Along with Thunderwalker, the guild that a few of my alts are in called ‘Dragons Flight’ hit level 20! Means more bank slots, of course a wonderful thing. Also means a few more levels and then the next portion of the guild cloak will be available, etc. Torrent Knights is also almost level 20. It’s slow going but none of us are huge grinders as far as guild status is concerned. I’ve been having fun as always, even with the plethora of alts.

If you check out the comments in the post before this one, you’ll see exactly why I love writing, and why I enjoy Eq2 to begin with. Comments like that obviously make me feel good about things, that I can some how in some weird way reach out to people through my writing. Does that make sense? Well it does to me at least, and I suppose that’s all that matters.

Still not sure what direction I want to head in game. I’m not exactly restless, but I don’t know if I want to raid, or work up alts, or craft or complete old quests, etc. I am fairly certain that I’ll just stay where I am for now until RoK comes out and things get shuffled. Then I’ll see where I stand. Or who knows perhaps things will change drastically in the next few months. I’m looking forward to the new expansion being released. Not exactly looking forward to ‘the grind’ to level 80 but I’m not dreading it either. I think that progression is a much needed thing, and we’ve all been level 70 for far too long. I’m almost on my 5th level 70 (not to mention crafting levels) and that’s just crazy. Well, I never said I wasn’t a little crazy *chuckles*.

Gothun has been doing well in game, he joined a new guild. I don’t get along with them, at all, but I’ve never been one to judge someone else based on their guild tag — unless they personally piss me off. I did warn him about the guild though.

I haven’t been working on Misako’s house lately, and I really should do some harvesting – but I’m feeling an urge to play my necromancer (who’s been sitting at level 55 for quite a long time now) so we’ll see where I end up! Happy gaming, everyone should smile, after all it’s the weekend! Well, practically, it’s Friday at least.

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  1. Mythokia says:

    Reading your blog, and a few other EQ2-centric ones out there has certainly reinvigorated my desire to play EQ2 and has contributed me reactivating my account just not too long ago. It looks like I’ll be staying for a quite a good while this time (played a bit recreationally previosuly) since I’ve dragged 2 of my rl friends along too.

    Take comfort in knowing that that’s probably quite a lot of us out here that enjoys reading your articles. This is as close as I can get to playing EQ2 when I’m at work anyway :D!

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