Congratulations, Torrent Knights!


Lack of interesting posts is not my fault I swear! Ok, ok. Perhaps it is my fault. I’m still floundering about in game deciding what I want to do, and lately it changes from hour to hour. I started on Goudia, exp’d her in SoS along with Forever and Xoolander. Group snagged a dirge, so I logged to my illusionist to help out with her instead. Forever and Xoolander each got a level. At this rate everyone is going to pass Goudia in levels and she’ll be stuck at 65 until RoK comes out. Not a large deal to me. There are plenty of bards out there and I’m probably not even that good at playing her.

So later on in the day I saw a little guild asking for extras (Kindred Spirits, if you’re from AB and know who they are) for their courts raid. I like courts a lot, great way to get masters that rarely drop, as well as a long of guild status. We died a few times, I played Misako for this one. I miss playing my healers, and as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Misako is my favorite of all the healing classes. There’s just something about the combination of wards and buffs and puppy and bolster that just makes it so much fun to play.

I had one of the artists at the signature forums on eq2players design a signature for Misako last week as well, I think it turned out very nice. I’ve never bothered to figure out how to make them myself, though I suppose I really could try. Especially since I spend a lot of time drawing and doing photoshop images and what have you. It’s just been a while since I’ve bothered. Too caught up in other things I suppose. Yes, yes, we all know that’s an excuse.

Tomorrow I’ll be headed to my folks place for a few hours, to do a weekend visit for lunch. They live about an hour from me, and I don’t visit them nearly as often as I should. Some how EQ2 will have to survive without me, I’m sure it will manage.

Tonight Goudia hit 41 weaponsmith, and I think I’ll take the rest of the evening to work on her house some. She could use a merchant area. I think she’ll be slightly obsessed with her weapons and armor trinkets (hopefully) so her house will reflect it. Or at least that’s the ideas bouncing around in my head. The Norrathian Homeshow section of the eq2 forums showed some absolutely amazing housing ideas today and sort of inspired me.

Oh, side note. I really hate annoying people who bring up other people’s real lives in level channels. For example. Person A bad mouths person B and their play style. Person B doesn’t have anything witty to say back so they fall onto the “you have no life” argument. Person B really knows nothing at all about person A’s life, and the fact that they even bothered to bring it into the argument is just sad. I have nothing against a good ‘ol argument or even friendly bashing in game about play styles, gear, tactics, whatever. But taking shots at someone is just not cool, no matter if they may seem to deserve it or not.

3 Responses to Congratulations, Torrent Knights!

  1. Jerrek says:

    Congratulations to your guild! Looks like it is coming along nicely.

    I really like your signature, whoever made it did a very fine job. Hopefully I can track someone down to make one for me some time, I certainly am not artistic enough to make my own! :)


  2. Kilanna says:

    Woah – so cool on the guild dingage.

    Grats TK :)

    Now if I can drag myself away from Kil long enough Kayyla can help too *grins*

  3. Cordanim says:

    Enjoy the visit with the folks! Sorry I missed the guild dingage! :)

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