A Little bit of Kindness, goes a long way


Spoiled rotten Goudia, got herself three new pretties..

This probably sounds very egotistical of me, but there’s really no other way to word it, and I think plenty of people follow this rout. I consider myself to be moderately nice in game. I may not be the most patient of people, but those who are my friends know that they can ask me for anything. Or at least, they should know. My friends in return are the same way, some of the nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing in my online world. So last night when I heard that a friend had accidentally mailed 7 acrylia clusters to the wrong person (dang those weird spellings!) of course I did the natural thing and bought 7 acrylia clusters and made them the jewelry that they were looking for. I didn’t think twice about it, I had the coin (just barely) and made it, mailed it.

The next day (that being this morning) Darcyle said he had three items for me, as thank-you’s for me being so nice. I was a little taken aback. I mean, I know folks are nice.. but well. The items he gave me were: class pants, class gloves, and a torn ligament bow (has int and a de-agro on it). I felt like a complete newb (not a bad thing) drooling over the items. I’ve raided end game before, I’ve played with some top of the line players, but I’ve never managed to complete a class set of legendary gear. Mostly because I flip flop from character to character. It made me smile and start to think of all the wonderful people I’ve met in game. Gothun tries his best too, he sends me raws for crafting that I appreciate so much. Kilanna is wonderful to me with her conversation (anyone who knows me knows I chatter a whole lot) Thunderwalker has helped me out with spells and gear, Shadowgeist of course has done so much for me over the years that I could not even begin to count. So to all my friends out there, Beeglin, Cordanim, Woof, the ones mentioned above, Lader, and even those I no longer keep in touch with – thank you. You’re the reason I play this game. It’s not to get uber loot, or be the best at anything, but the social aspect that keeps me here.

Enough of tha gooey stuff! In other news.. Xoolander (Shadowgeist) had to be renamed, which was a shame. He’d gone to 63 without incidents, but on an Rp server it doesn’t take much to set someone off. So he’s now Bloodpact. He also hit level 65, which is amazing. His alt just eats up the levels and I’m not sure how he does it.

Also, got new speakers yesterday. Shadowgeist decided my old ones were crappy (and they were, even if I was happy with them). So we picked up new ones. Much nicer. We also went to visit my folks and wow I actually had a lot of fun. My baby brother (no longer a baby, he’s 17) just recently bought himself a wii. So for the after noon I battled my mom, Shadowgeist, and my brother in games of tennis, bowling, golf, and other random goodness. I looked at my web site through the browser on the tv, and had a load of fun. Of course then during a particularly intense tennis match my mom swung her arm back and smashed it into the living room wall which was not so good, swollen finger and bruised she’ll be going to get it checked out today. She also took out a nice section of the wall at the same time. Dad was gone to work on someone’s computer, we didn’t tell him how the wall got damaged, hehe.

Finished off bone-clasped girdle for Bloodpact yesterday too. It was a fairly productive Sunday. Hopefully I can get Goudia a few levels so that she can wear all this gear I’ve got stored up for her!

3 Responses to A Little bit of Kindness, goes a long way

  1. Akely says:

    Being nice is pretty fun, mostly. And it is nice to see you where rewarded for good deeds. Once Ireceived stuff sent to the wrong person. I realized it was a mistake and sent the rare back, I think it was a feysteel cluster. Never did get a “oops, thanks” back. /shrug

    Your blogpost remind me if an idea I’ve toyed with: to set up a Guild of do-gooders. People that ONLY help out, give always, wanting nothing in return (but of course accepting payment and/or gifts). I’ve always wanted to know what would happen and how much people would use/abuse that Guild. Perhaps one day I will do a blog about it. If I ever get around to setting a blog up.

  2. Lader says:

    omg grats!!!
    and ya know, i love playing with my wii, (strictly the gaming platform, dont go wandering into the gutter, star) especially zelda, that was a great game. but yeah theyve had a TON of accidents where people hit something like walls, one lady hit a chandelier and had to go to the hospital. hope she gets better soon. your mom that is.

  3. Cordanim says:

    Dem’s some nice pants! Congrats!

    I’d also been wondering who the hell Bloodpact was! LOL

    That sounds like the same crap Reddawn went through…went 4-5 years in EQ with no problem, and a year into EQ2 someone complains about the name because it had something to do with some army operation…/shakes head

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