And down goes another Avatar


Eidolon takes down the Avatar of Hate – another smooth kill!

I was lucky enough to be wandering through when the Avatar of Hate was up, and got a chance to watch the battle. Another avatar fight that I’ve never seen before, so it was pretty exciting for me. It’s a little hard at times to figure out what is going on, but I got the basics down. The most amusing part was watching people from other servers throw insults at the raid as they were attempting to take down the mob. I never really understood that, after all, what’s the big deal. It doesn’t make you any better of a person, and it certainly doesn’t affect the raiding guild any. So to the Dissolution member who was there (may want to hide your alts) you really didn’t accomplish too much except making yourself look like an ass. It’s ok though, it happens.

The zone ended up crashing on the second pull, have to love it when that happens. It does happen though. At least it was at the beginning of the fight (or so a friend told me, it could have been worse!). I had a lot of fun watching it. Not sure why I enjoy it, but I do.

I worked on SoD today. It was painful. I managed to get part of the New Tunaria ones completed, but they’re slow and annoyingly painful. It’s bringing back all of my memories of the first time I completed the chain of quests on Dasie. Not something I wanted to go through again – but sort of fun in a weird twisted way for Goudia. I have a lot of quests to work on, I still haven’t even completed to speak as a dragon – although I’ve got the quest starter I just haven’t felt like running around picking up runes. Especially since I already am going to have to run around picking up statues for SoD. Maybe I can hold off (or catch up) and get them both at the same time. So I’ve got SoD, Claymore, and I’d like DT access, then there’s the dps earring from lesser faydark that I want to complete, and a few other odds and ends. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe some motivation and inspiration to play Goudia. I also really want to work her crafting levels up, but it’s difficult without any vitality, even with the experience from writs.

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