Four more to go.. but it feels like a million..


Just one of the many toys I’ve got stashed aside for Goudia, if she ever hits 70

It is probably just me, but it seems like levels are taking forever lately. It’s probably because I tend to be very anti-group (why be anti-group if you’re playing an MMO, right?! I know the arguments) but Goudia finally managed to hit level 66 last night. I worked on the simple SoD quests (which were not actually that simple at all) and did a few collections to net me the final 20%. She scribed her new master spells and as I tried to clean out her bags some I realized that she’s got over 15 pieces of gear / masters saved up for her journey to 70. If that’s not motivation to level I’m not sure what is. The bow pictured above is just one of the items I’ve stashed aside for her. She’s also got 3 pieces of her legendary set gear (all of the tradeable pieces) two very pretty weapons, and lots of masters, as well as her relic breastplate and a few other odds and ends.

I haven’t quite figured out which adornments she’ll need, but hopefully Thunderwalker will be helping me out with that. I’d like to get them made for the pieces that I at least know she is not upgrading any time soon, the weapons, the legendary set gear, earring, bow, etc. Though the bow is pretty much a given as she’ll get the fabled +10 dps adornment I’m pretty sure. I know and understand that during a raid a troubador is very busy casting jesters on people and they may not exactly have the time to be dps’ing during the battles, but for solo’ing I absolutely love this class. Yesterday I spent some time duo’ing in Tunaria with the mystic and bolster pushed my int up to around 750 – made for some very nice dps.

So what is on the schedule for things I’d like to accomplish? I want to see Goudia hit 70 before RoK (she’s 4 levels away, this will be an easy one to acomplish) then I’d also like to see her progress claymore, SoD, and a few other quests that she’s avoided. I want to get her cloak of flames (just for fun mostly) and get her worshiping a deity. I was thinking of starting with Zek because it’s at least something I can full complete, and then moving to Sol Ro for the +spell damage cloak. She’s wearing a little one from Steamfont at the moment. I really want to finish the cloak of flames for her as well, just because it would look nice.

I also want a hat with a feather for her. How girlie is that hmms. The level 67 troubador hat is for sale for 8p, however the people are not selling from their homes and I’m not keen on paying the fee. I’ve mailed those selling the item in an attempt of talking them down, but we’ll have to see where it goes (if it goes anywhere, no replies as of yet). Faydai hit 65 sage, yes, I know, slacking again. Other then that things are fairly quiet with me as always. I’m sorry that I haven’t had too much to talk about lately, but it’s just been one of those weeks (or months).

6 Responses to Four more to go.. but it feels like a million..

  1. Kilanna says:

    Good luck with leveling the bard girl :)

    I know we have had this discussion before but man I wish I was as motivated as you with leveling one of my other girls. *grins* I just cant drag myself away from Killy long enough! Maybe once she has her 100aa it will be easier.

  2. ogrebears says:

    i don’t group to often on my alts. Looking back on ratbear i got to 65 with out ever joining a group. But once you get past 65 groups are pretty good. Most of the instance giver free good xp you first time there. Vaults, HoF and unrest if i remeber correctly i got a full level just by doing them once. And the AA xp for all the discovery/names and maybe some of the loot i won was very worth it.

  3. stargrace says:

    Unrest. And you know you’re more then welcome in any groups. :)

  4. Cordanim says:

    Oh and by the way, we need to go find one of those bows for Cord! :)

  5. Adele says:

    Very nice bow! Congrats!

  6. Cordanim says:

    Congratulations on getting 66. Let me know if you ever want me to join – I would also like to get Nwadder to 70 before RoK – he’s at 65.9 right now! :)

    Duoing with Cord is a bit tough in good spots, as his mit and avoidance aren’t up to snuff compared to a plate wearer :)

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