Have I mentioned I love the writs?


Goudia keeping busy…

I typically refuse to level my crafters if they have no vitality. Making things for very little profit with even less experience as a reward is not exactly the way to keep motivated. However introduce the experience upon completion of writs, and suddenly I’m eating them up, vitality or not. It takes 5 non-rush order writs, with no vitality at all, to get a level in crating. That’s 60 combines. It’s actually not too bad at all. I’m trying to push Goudia into the next tier, and then of course my main goal is to get her to 70 before RoK comes out. The hardest part is actually making sure I have enough metals to get through the levels. I’m not sure about other servers, but on Antonia Bayle, lower tier metals like carbonite and fulginate are going for anywhere from 20s to 35s in some cases, each. It makes for some fairly painful crafting if you’re the sort who buys their supplies.

I also managed to get Goudia into a quick Valdoons run yesterday with Thunderwalker and his boxed warlock Gerbil, I played Shadowgeist. It was my first time tanking the zone and I don’t think I did that bad. Gerbil ganked off of me maybe once and not for long. Thunderwalker did die once but only because I had accidentally pulled three encounters while he had a ward up. We were attempting to get a piece to drop for Goudia or Gerbil, both of whom could use their legendary class sets still, but of course as the game works, the shadowknight forearms dropped. On the plus side, it means that they won’t drop next time since I stashed them in Shadowgeist’ bank. I really like the new method of legendary set drops.

It’ll be nice to start working some baby alts up next. Goudia is fine and dandy sitting at level 66 and I will get her closer to 70 over the next months but I’ve always had a soft spot for lowbie alts and twinking them out with new gear and new spells. Just the way I like to enjoy the game. Every so often it’s nice to take a break from the end game stuff.

Today I’m hoping to get Faydai closer to 70 sage, I’ve got her sitting at 65 with full vitality and that should help her at least get three levels. We’ll just have to see how it goes. Other then that, I’m feeling a wee bit under the weather, so I haven’t had a whole lot to say this morning. Damn summer time flues.

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  1. Adele says:

    I haven’t tried the writs since they added the xp to them, but I will now!

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