Death by Music Notes.. the life of a Troubador


Goudia in Loping Plains, taking care of a little ghoul business

I decided to hang around Loping Plains last night with Goudia, completing a few quests that she had (before they all turned to heroic at least) and getting the few tid bits of discovery experience that she had yet to get. Started the hand of glory quest (one of my favorites) and finished off entering the veil (one of my least favorite quests). She’s sitting at around 45% exp right now, which is great. Thunderwalker surprised me yesterday by giving me the troubador legendary hat from vaults, which has the feather I’ve been eyeballing for Goudia (cheers!) so a huge thank you for that. More inspiration to get level 67 and higher. She’ll be able to wear the new hat as well as the relic breastplate next level. Then it’s just two more before she can wear her legendary set gear, and one more after that for her weapons.

I played Sensual just for a short bit, completing a few more quests with her along with a dirge. She’s a lot of fun to play, and I’ll be posting an rp note surrounding her past either today or tomorrow, we’ll see.

Faydai hit 67 sage this morning, only two more to go (I’m not concerned with hitting 70 right away as there are no books for her to scribe and she’ll level off of combines alone) and then she’ll be done her crafting for a bit. I’m beginning to stock pile T7 raws in preparation for RoK. I don’t want to have to search far and wide for T8 raws that are going to be in high demand, especially with tinkering and transmuting galore.

Waiting for Goudia to get a bit more vitality back before I continue with her tradeskilling. It’s a painful process. Weaponsmiths don’t get a huge amount of recipes, not compared to my other crafters at least. Granted my woodworker probably gets the least amount of recipes. Which is why she’s sitting at 62 and I’ll be lucky if I ever obtain the rest of her levels.

A few short term goals: L&L’s completed on Goudia, Level 70, Progress in Claymore, SoD, DT access, and maybe MoA (though I doubt it, MoA is sort of useless for bards. I’d rather the Sour Song Choker from Unrest). We’ll see how many (if any) of these I can acomplish. I wish I could /claim some exp potions on her for either adventuring or crafting, but alas I’d already spent them all on the healers before I moved them over to their own account. Figures.

Legends of Norrath comes out in a short while (either next week or the week after, I forget) and I’m actually looking forward to that. Problem is, I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to the actual card game, or just the fact that there are house item rewards. I’m sure you can all guess which has a higher priority for me.

3 Responses to Death by Music Notes.. the life of a Troubador

  1. Jerrek says:

    I am dieing to play the card game myself, not only for the loot cards, but because I haven’t played a TCG/CCG in quite a few years and I’ve been aching for one.

    I guess that’s just the type of geek I am. :)


  2. Adele says:

    I can’t wait to try out the card game:)

  3. David says:

    Hit 70! And go!

    Sooooo bored. Servers are down :( -passes back out-

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