Stuck a Feather in Her Cap.. and Called it Ding Level 67…



Goudia proudly wearing her new hat, new breastplate, and some new gloves

Managed to do a few remaining quests in Lesser Faydark yesterday (thank you to Gerbil for the help with those heroics) and some in Loping Plains (thank you Shadowgeist for helping me out there) and got Goudia to 67. Means 3 more to go and she’ll be able to wear the rest of her pretties. A huge thank you to Kandrial as well, who helped get me into an empty Freethinkers Hideout zone, so that I could get a quest update that rewarded a nice item for the bardling, the runed relic circlet. It has +30 to all spells on it, and as I’ve posted before, bards attacks are considered spells. At least the majority of them. I have 6 pages of “spells” in my knowledge book, and three pages of CA’s.

So technically speaking, I’m int / str as far as damage goes, and agi for power. Goudia is sitting at 408 str 483 int and 283 agi (not the greatest stat of hers I know). As soon as I can wear all the other gear I’ve got on her that should boost up quite a bit. I realize that bards during a raid are so busy casting jesters cap on folks and PoTM and all their other bonus spells that dps is a low priority, but I enjoy being able to do a little bit of solo’ing (hah, who am I kidding, I practically always solo) between other things.

The bard is very different from all my other classes. I enjoy her a lot. Is that to say that I enjoy playing her more then all of my other characters? Well, I’m actually not sure. From time to time I miss my healers. I miss the hard work I put into them getting them where they are, and yes I miss their gear too. Only natural I think. So I’ll continue to get Goudia closer to 70 (even with the sudden surplus of bards I’ve seen scattered around Norrath, which is just odd might I add, we seem to have a healer shortage though, or maybe tank depending on the time of day). Working on her SoD, Claymore, various L&L quests, HQ’s, her house.. There’s plenty to keep me entertained in game.

Sales have been slow for my poor little weaponsmith, and a few others are experiencing the same drought it seems. I’ve been putting ebon weapons (as well as feysteel when it’s cheap) for sale at a fairly smooth price, the first day everything sold and I was very excited. Now though my merchandise seems to be sitting for a week or more before it starts to move. I suppose it’s just a slump in the market and maybe people are below or above the crafting level I’m trying to push out. Speaking of which, another goal for Goudia, she needs a few more crafting levels. I spent last night making adornments for her gear in preparation for 70, attached those pieces I knew would not get an upgrade for quite some time (breastplate, gloves, legs, shoulders, ears, weapons, bow..etc) and realized just how much time money and effort goes into properly gearing up a single character, and this is my.. fifth one? Wow.

Once Goudia hits 70 and I continue to work on her tradeskill, I’ll be looking to level up both the coercer and the brigand, I think. Then there’s also a templar I’ve access to that I may help level up, and a fabled 70 swashbuckler who I’d love to play with a little. I still of course envy those who can just settle down on one character and play that character continuously, but I don’t think I’m that sort of person. I seem to always flounder about from character to character depending on what mood hits me.

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  1. Lader says:

    hey im glad you got in the zone i wouldve felt bad if you didnt see my message and i was falling asleep so i logged out really fast. sorry i coudlnt stay on longer, but in the end you got your update :)

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