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Goudia, was busy…

This weekend was wonderful for EQ2 at least. Yesterday Shadowgeist and I decided it was high time we finished our signature orb of tunare quest. The orb was an upgrade for his necromancer as well as an upgrade for Misako, and the earring choice was an upgrade for Goudia. It took most of the day to complete as the quest is quite lengthily, but was well worth it. I got three aa along the chain and also managed to hit level 68. It helped that Obelisk of Blight is a necessary zone and neither Bloodpact nor Goudia had been yet. Since his machine was upgraded this weekend he boxed both Shadowgeist and Bloodpact, and I boxed Misako and Goudia. We pretty much have our own group any time it’s needed – though neither of us have any intentions of boxing ALL of the time. It can get annoying after a while, and some times it’s just nice to play your one character without having to worry about where the boxed character is standing or whether or not they’re going to get tossed off of some ledge.

We also toddled around doing some Mistmoore Catacombs, and completed a handful of quests in the zone, one of which needed another legendary item (wrist piece for me) that was an upgrade (also an upgrade to Bloodpact, I think). It was pretty nice. Goudia is 45% into her level, and I’m thinking that with a little work today, I can get her to level 69 which of course is the level I can finally wear her four pieces of legendary set gear. I’ve been waiting for a while now to wear them as they taunt me from her bags.

A small question to pose to readers today. Do you run a guild, and even if you don’t – how close are you to your fellow gamers? For example, if there’s a member of your guild, who logs in every single day — but rarely says much. They’re just constantly around, they help a time or two. Then one day, you notice they don’t log in. Nor do they for a few more days.

Do you worry?

Do you have any way of getting a hold of people in your guild in case they mysteriously vanish? Does anyone really care if random_member_101 never logs in again? I’m just curious what others out there think. I’m quite close to every one of my guild mates, but then again there are only five of us. If someone leaves for a while, I typically know why they’ve left (for example, Kilanna is on vacation as we speak). If I didn’t see her for a week I’d worry, and I’d want to make sure everything is alright. I’ve had some guild members in the past just disappear from the MMO world and with no method of really checking to make sure they were ok it left me feeling a little glum. I know I’m most certainly not unique in this situation, and I’m curious how others handle it.

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  1. Knabbel says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say that I like your blog, especially the role playing stories. You should write a book like that! ;-)
    On the guild members… I’ve never been a guild leader, and I did leave from a few guilds without letting anyone know, but those were guilds I didn’t have close contacts with anyway.
    Though I was in a guild once where we really were a pretty tight group, until the leader mentioned that he couldn’t play much for a while because he had to go to hospital. We never saw him again, and we really did worry then…

  2. Tienna says:

    I am also in a very small guild, so most of us will say something before disappearing. But there have been a few as you described (always there, rarely speaking) and they have gone “poof”.

    I wonder and pray they have just moved on to a place they are happy. I have done the disappearing act in a guild or two myself, but it was always guilds where no-one ever acknowledged I was even there. As a leader in the small guild I am in, I always say hi to those that log in, whether they answer or not so it can be disheartening to find them gone one day with still no word.

  3. Mythokia says:

    It depends, I’ve been in various guilds in different games and some I got real close with, some not at all. I’m not sure how it turns out either way either :P.

    I’m ashamed to say that I’ve pulled that disappearing act once on guild before. It was exactly like you described, I was on everyday for two whole months during my school holidays, didn’t really talk very much either, but always responded when someone asked in guild chat for help, and when school started, I went poof without a word.

    I was pretty close with my Lineage 2 guild however. Well, everyone sort of was with each other. There’s a thread on our forums with everyone’s MSN contact and irl phone numbers. It actually came from when we did competitive raid bosses restlessly and had to call vital classes up who weren’t present. So if someone disappeared, I suppose that list would be useful.

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